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Mapping Out God’s Will For Your Life

By Joy Allmond:

As with many, personal crisis forced Christine Wyrtzen to become passionate about prayer. At yesterday’s Women’s Day Away at The Cove, her hope was to make that passion contagious by showing other women how to pray more effectively.

15 years ago, her mother was dying of cancer, and Christine began to capture her thoughts and prayers through her journal.

“That just really thrust me in a new direction of having a heart for hurting people,” she remembers.  “Ever since, I have felt this great desire to assemble pieces that teach people how to pray specifically and strategically.”

Through this time in her life, God showed her how to do “personal prayer mapping,” a process that involves tracing back the origins of the things that require prayer.

In her very own words, she “equips other to understand the issues of their own souls and the souls of those they love.” She is showing women how to uniquely target those areas in prayer, and wants to see people move away from what she calls “anemic” prayers, such as:

Please change my husband and make him quit drinking.

When, through prayer mapping—tracing the roots of a soul and understanding why people engage in certain behaviors—you can pray more strategically. If this is your prayer, you could pray about the things in his heart that encourage him to excessively drink, and perhaps pray that God would remove the influences in his life that enable him to abuse the alcohol.

Or, instead of praying something like, please be with Aunt Martha who is having surgery; let her know you love her, you could pray more broadly, such as:

·        Asking God to help the surgeon sleep well.
·        Asking God to send angels to fill the room with light and glory.
·        Asking that the surgeon’s hands become God’s hands.

“You can see that if you start thinking that way, you can easily come up with a one-to-two page customized prayer for yours or someone else’s needs,” Christine explains.

To truly understand and practice personal prayer mapping, she strongly believes we need an understanding of our enemy. She feels that in the church, we avoid talking about him and seeing his patterns.

“We need to have the eyes to see how he deceives, tempts and devour. We need to know what a stronghold is. Once women learn these things, they very quickly begin to see his fingerprints on their families in the way they struggle.  Then, they are able to personalize this almost immediately.”

By the end of the day, the women at the Cove were astounded by the power of prayer and left inspired to participate in intercession more fully.

“I would love to see people who have been praying for something for 20 years—and have seen little movement—get charged by the potential of learning how to pray this way, and seeing how God is still of a God of intervention and of passivity.”

Join us for our next Women’s Day Away, Simply Irresistible: Being a Contagious Grace Giver,  on May 2nd with Lisa Harper.  Click here for more information and to register.  

Women’s Day Away at The Cove…

Ladies, has the phrase “Calgon, take me away!” been running through your mind lately?  Well, now is your chance to get away, refresh and renew your mind and your soul in the beautiful and serene setting of The Cove in Asheville, NC. 

Join us for a Women’s Day Away on October 2nd, as acclaimed author and Bible teacher, Cindy Easley, teaches on The Strength and Influence of a Godly Woman.  God wants to use you to impact those around you for good.  Come explore your identity in Christ and the power He has given you to make a profound difference in the world.     

Read on as Cindy explains how God’s commandment to be strong and courageous plays out in our daily lives and how we are to be encouraged in the truth that we are NEVER alone.  



By Cindy Easley:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.    Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

I’ve always loved those words.  “Be strong and courageous”.  That phrase appears at least 10 times in God’s Word.  “Be strong and courageous.”  Moses encourages Israel, “Be strong and courageous.”  He instructs Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.”  David admonishes his son, Solomon, “Be strong and courageous.”  And of course, as you can read above, the LORD God tells Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.”

It must be that these men of God, these Biblical heroes, were…well…afraid.  They felt weak and inadequate for the task set before them.  I can relate to that!  Occasionally I feel like I’ve got it all together, but most of the time I feel weak and inadequate.  Afraid I’m not up to the job set before me.

Just as Joshua stood on the edge of the Promised Land ready to lead those rebellious Israelites, God places each of us in unique situations.

God calls us to be salt and light.  He tells us to “go into the world.”  God wants His children to be influencers, leaders, the kind of men and women that impact the people around them.   And frankly, this terrifies me.  I’ve often been astounded (and worried) that God placed me in my family and my workplace, and in my neighborhood.  God has trusted me with influencing each of these people.   And all too often I feel afraid and weak and inadequate.

Thankfully we aren’t left with just the command “Be strong and courageous.”  Each time these words are uttered, they’re also followed with the comfort and promise that God will be with us.  We don’t need to be anxious or afraid or even discouraged because God is with us.  Always. Where ever we go. 

But it’s not just that God is there, He’s also leading and guiding and showing us the way.  That’s why He’s with us.  God knows we are weak and inadequate without Him. 

That means that God is with me in my parenting.  When I’m absolutely unsure of how to impact my children, or how to guide them into adulthood, God does.   And when my co-worker is so confused about “all that spiritual stuff”, God is there too.  When I’m caring for elder parents, or helping a friend grieve the loss of a child, God is there and He will give me the strength and courage to walk into difficult situations and to fill my inadequacy with His light and life.

So the next time you are discouraged, or afraid, or anxious remember that God is with you.  Let these words be your strength and comfort…your battle cry!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.    Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

Click here  or call 1-800-950-2092 to register for the Women’s Day Away with Cindy Easley on October 2, 2012.