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Saturday Snapshot: God is Faithful

The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove is a place that Billy and Ruth Graham founded to train people in God’s Word to win others to Christ. We have remained committed to that vision for more than 30 years, and today we continue to see lives transformed and changed through what God is doing here.

This past week we held one of our Military Marriage Retreats led by Michael Easley. One of our favorite parts of this retreat comes at the end when couples share how their marriage has been impacted and what this time together meant for them.  Here are a few testimonies from couples who were at the retreat:

“We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary on March 1st.   We are here celebrating our anniversary at this retreat. A good part of the 10 years have been a struggle. There have definitely been more downs than ups.  We have really been struggling through those years. But, a few years ago, God placed on my heart that  the ten year mark would be the end of the struggle. This year has been better! But,  as we were walking through the woods, I was talking to my husband and shared with him that I still have doubts and fear that  it is not going to last. Even though God put on my heart years ago that the struggle would end, I kept in fear of not knowing. How could it be a  guarantee that it would last?  How will we keep this feeling? As I just finished sharing this with him, we walked past one of the verses in the garden.  It read  ‘Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.’ (Philippians 4:6-). I knew at that point that God was telling me that I did not have to worry, it will all be ok. I can trust Him.”

“My husband and I have been to four of these Military Marriage Retreats. The first time we were here, our marriage was in crisis. We had been through over a dozen deployments. Never before had we received help for our marriage.  The Vet Center in Ohio told us about The Cove and the Military Marriage Retreats. We submitted our application in July. The seminar was scheduled for September.  When we  submitted our application, I honestly did not know if we would even make it to September.  I prayed everyday for us to get accepted  to this program. When the acceptance came back saying ‘yes, you are in’, I saw that as a huge answer to prayer! I was just hoping we would make it to September. That first seminar literally saved our marriage. Since then, we have been to three more! I just want you all to know the power of this place, what you all do, and that you don’t know what we have been through before you see us walk in the door, you don’t know what we are going through.  I just want to thank you all at The Cove  and want you to know that we have been blessed.”

Military Marriage Retreats include free materials, meals, and lodging for active-duty, Guard, and Reserve military members and their spouses.  If you or someone you know would like to attend one of our Military Marriage Retreats or any of our seminars, click here. 

Click here for a schedule of seminar, concerts, and retreats at The Cove in beautiful Asheville, NC.

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Visit the Chatlos Memorial Chapel, Visitors Center, and Ruth’s Prayer GardenClick here for directions and operating hours. Tours are free.


Saturday Snapshot — Heart Work x 2

We give thanks that the Lord is the Great Physician, but as a staff, it is our goal to be prepared to help in medical situations when necessary.

This week, many of our staff were trained by a team from the American Heart Association on 1st Aid, CPR and AED.  We certainly don’t hope to use these skills, but are ready, should we need to.

She’s got the technique down.
Tina and Alla and bandages on CPR day Feb 2017
These two have been properly bandaged up!

It’s never too late to learn lifesaving skills.  If you are interested in taking a class through the American Heart Association,  click here.  For Red Cross classes,  click here.

On another note, we’d love for you to join us in covering the 121 military couples that will be on property this weekend for a Military Marriage Retreat.  Please pray for their hearts as they dig into God’s Word this weekend.  Please pray that they would enjoy sweet fellowship with other military couples.  And, please pray that each couple will return home inspired by God’s purpose for their marriages.

Here are a few snapshots from some of our Military Marriage Retreats in previous years.

Relaxing in rocking chairs soothes the soul.
MM2 -1030 sm
Beautiful mountain views.
MM2 -1065 sm
Through the Bible teaching, couple’s will gain an insightful perspective on marriage and find application for the special circumstances that only military couples can understand.
IMG_0565 sm
There’s no shortage of food or good conversation during the retreat!
MM14 -14 sm
No snow scheduled for this weekend, but it sure was fun in 2014!

If you or someone you know are interested in attending an upcoming Military Marriage Retreat, click here.

If you’d like to print a flyer to hand out to friends, at church or on your base, click here.


2016 Military Marriage Retreats

military marriage hand holding Sept 2015 2 small

We have been blessed to host military marriage retreats at The Cove for the past several years, and one of the best parts is that the retreats are free to these wonderful couples serving our country!

Donors have generously given so that the program, meals, and lodging  for any active-duty service-member (Guard & Reserve too) and their spouse are free.

Couples will enjoy the quiet seclusion of our mountain retreat, complete with winding trails, comfortable rooms, and delicious meals prepared by our chef and his talented team.

Most importantly, they will have plenty of time and space to be alone together with God.

military couple holding hands

See what some of our precious military couples have to say about their time spent here at The Cove:

“Thank you so much for the amazing gift of this military marriage weekend. The military lifestyle is so demanding and often puts a huge stress on many marriages.  This program with this military scholarship is such a huge blessing and it makes us all feel loved and appreciated for the sacrifices we make for this great country.”

“We extend our deepest gratitude, and thank you so very much for your kind heart.  I returned from deployment to Afghanistan in and am so grateful to have had the chance to renew my relationship with the Lord.  We have to tell you this is a great place to come to for serenity and peace in the United States.  Billy Graham’s life, story and relationship with Jesus has truly inspired me and my wife over the weekend.”

“Words cannot express the thankful hearts that my husband David and I have for your generosity! David has recently returned from a 13 month deployment in Afghanistan which was particularly difficult on our family. It was his second deployment in the past four years. The weekend away in the quiet peacefulness of The Cove was exactly what our bruised spirits needed!”

Following are the remaining 2016 Military Marriage Retreats:

Military and Marriage: Back to the Basics
with Michael Easley, May 27-29, 2016
The Book of Romance
with Tommy Nelson, October 28-30, 2016

The Cove also offers financial resources (program, meals and lodging are covered…travel is your responsibility) for couples or individuals to come to anyCove seminar or Personal Spiritual Retreat throughout the year.

Click here to download the military resource form.

Please help us spread the word and share this information with friends, family, and co-workers who could be blessed by this opportunity.

Saturday Snapshot

Over 100 military couples are enjoying rest and renewal at The Cove this weekend for a military marriage retreat. We are blessed to serve these special people.

American Flag with NC Flag May 2015
The United States and North Carolina flags greet our guests upon their arrival.

Are you active-duty, Guard or Reserve military? We’d like you to come to The Cove and it won’t cost you a penny once you get here. Click here to learn more about our military scholarships.

Click here if you are interested in attending our military marriage retreat in September.

Saturday Snapshot

111 wounded veterans, some with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, and their spouses  were encouraged and challenged while attending the Operation Heal Our Patriots reunion here at The Cove earlier this month.

Click here to watch a recap video of the weekend and to read a full story of all that took place.





Johnny and Shannon Montoya


Would you like to host your own event at The Cove?  Click here to visit our website or call 1-800-950-2092.

Honoring Love

You could cut the tension with a knife.

A couple walked into the Billy Graham Training Center last year to attend a Military Marriage Retreat. 

This retreat was a last resort for their failing marriage.

Two days later, after many hours of Bible teaching, daily devotions, much needed time in prayer, walking the trails, fellowshipping with other military couples, marital workshops and pastoral counseling, this same couple walked out hand in hand with a new committment in their heart. 

5416A committment to lay their marriage at the feet of Jesus.  To surrender and allow God to make their marriage one of strength and beauty.  They opened their hearts in order to allow Jesus to heal the hurts and grow the bond of their marriage.  A marriage devoted to God.

Marriage can be tough enough for ordinary civilian couples. But consider the unique challenges that military families are faced with. Extended separations, frequent moves, unpredictable schedules and difficulties in communicating due to distance or stressors that take place but cannot be voiced.

These military marriage retreats allow couples to focus on God in their marriage and how applying Biblical principles to their circumstances will strengthen them both as a couple and individuals.

Today, Valentine’s Day, the first of two 2014 Military Marriage Retreats will begin at The Cove. 

Please join us in prayer in lifting these 115 couples up for healing, strength, wisdom, rest and renewal.  Pray with us that each person would hear from and be touched by God in a special, meaningful, transforming way.     

Active-duty, Guard and Reserve servicemembers may attend the military marriage retreats, as well as other Cove seminars and Personal Spiritual Retreats throughout the year at no cost to them.  The program, lodging and meals are covered by generous donors who wish to bless these special people. 

There is still space in the June 27-29, 2014 Military Marriage Retreat with The 5 Love Languages author, Gary Chapman.  Click here for more information.