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Saturday Snapshot — Summer in the Mountains

Summer has brought longer days and shorter nights, warmer air, afternoon showers, and beautiful fireflies to the mountains of North Carolina.

BGTC front gate area July 14 2017

The chapel nestled in the lush, green woods…

chapel nestled in the woods July 2017

Last weekend, Darren Thomas led a seminar titled, “Jesus, Don’t You Care?”  Darren spoke about how worrying puts us in places that God never intended for us.

In  the picture below, he’s illustrating the umbrella of faith.  We must cast our cares on the Lord and trust Him with the outcomes.  The umbrella of faith is a protective covering for us.

Darren explained that when we worry, it’s like walking around in fear without the umbrella of faith.

By the way, before opening the umbrella inside the auditorium, he assured everyone, that the Bible does not tell us anywhere that it’s bad luck to do so.  : )

DT umbrella of faith July 2017

This week Dr. Woodrow Kroll led a 5-day Intensive Bible Training seminar.  This is a picture of him with Betty, who has attended his seminars for 21 of the 23 years he’s been teaching at The Cove. That’s one committed student!

Betty and Dr Kroll Her 20 or 21 visit of his 23 July 2017

What’s summer like in your neck of the woods?

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Visit the Chatlos Memorial Chapel, Visitors Center, and Ruth’s Prayer Garden.  Click here for directions and operating hours. Tours are free.

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Take Our Spring Photo Challenge

Spring Photo Challenge Blog Header

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well, Spring is in the air, and how better to share with one another than through pictures from each of our own neck of the woods?

You may have participated in our photo challenges in the past, but if not, it’s easy, and we hope you will join in and share through the lens of your camera (or smartphone in most cases)!  (Click here for a photo recap of our last photo challenge.)

Our 2017 Spring Photo Challenge begins Saturday, April 1st.

Here’s how it works:

Post one photo daily, using the daily prompts noted below, on Instagram or Facebook.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CoveSpringPhotoChallenge when you post your photo so we can all see what each other are sharing.

Spring Photo Challenge SM

Not a picture taking pro?  Don’t worry, neither are we. All of our photos will be taken with an iPhone.  No fancy photography skills required!

Need some ideas of what to share? Post a picture of the blooming flowers, your favorite spring activity, a page or quote from an inspirational book, or a photo of the place where you find renewal.

Most importantly, have fun!  Take time to enjoy the lively buzz of spring.

FYI: Anyone taking part in the photo challenge may have their photos shared by The Cove and other participants. 

The bright, blooming foliage of spring make this time of year one of the most incredible seasons to visit our area.  Make sure to visit the Chatlos Memorial Chapel, Visitors Center, and Ruth’s Prayer Garden.  Click here for directions and operating hours. Tours are free.

Click here for a schedule of seminar, concerts and retreats at The Cove in beautiful Asheville, NC.

Are you a Christian church or non-profit ministry looking for a place to hold your conference, retreat or ministry event?  Click here for more information on holding your event at The Cove.

Hold Your Event at The Cove — Top 10 Tips for Meeting Planners


Did you know that every year 140 – 150 different groups choose to hold their conference and ministry events at The Cove?

The groups come in all shapes and sizes: small groups, such as board meetings and church staff retreats, as well as large groups with up to 450 attendees.

No matter the size, groups come with one wish in common: To get away to a distraction-free atmosphere where they can seek the leading of the Holy Spirit through the application of God’s Word.

We’d love for you to bring your group to The Cove.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call  1-800-950-2092 to discuss booking your event.
  2. Confirm your dates, and the number of rooms and meals you’ll need.  A contract will be drawn up at this point.
  3. You will be assigned an Event Coordinator to work with you through every little detail in order to make sure your event goes smooth.  This event coordinator will be your point of contact from the time you sign the contract until you arrive on The Cove property.
  4. Repeat year after year. 🙂

Maybe you’re the meeting planner at your church or Christian ministry?  (If you’re not, please forward this blog on to that special person).  To help in the planning process, we thought it would be helpful to provide some tips to help the planning process along.

Here they are:

Top 10 Tips for Meeting Planners
(For after you book your event at The Cove.)

1. Read Your Contract.

You would be surprised at how many people do not read what they are signing.  Many of your questions will be answered by reading this document.

2. Designate one person to communicate with your event coordinator.

Feel free to copy any correspondence with your team, but the old saying is really true, “too many cooks can spoil the stew.”  It’s much easier to deal one-on-one with your event coordinator.

3. There is no such thing as a bad or stupid question.

The more you ask, the better your event coordinator will know what you’d like to accomplish while you are here.  Ask away!

4. Be specific.

Let your event coordinator know your schedule with as much detail as you can.  Will you have workshops or breakout sessions in addition to main sessions?  How will your guests be arriving?  Will they be arriving individually, carpooling or on a charter bus?  Check-in will be handled differently based on arrival information.  What are your technical needs?  Will you be having praise and worship? Will you run a PowerPoint program, and will you need microphones?  How will you like to greet your guests and get program materials to them?

By being as specific as you can in advance of your event, the better we can serve you while you are here.

MeetingRoom2 women


5. Do you want something special?

Many guests like to add communion, foot washing, or a chapel service to their schedule.  Think about this beforehand and discuss with your event coordinator.

6. Be timely.

Getting information to your event coordinator in a timely manner will allow them to serve you well.

7. We feed you very well while you’re here.

We serve three full gourmet buffet-style meals daily, along with night-time snacks and all the beverages and frozen yogurt you could wish for.  Come hungry!


8. Bring your walking shoes.

To enrich your retreat experience, we have miles of walking trails with scripture pillars along the way.  You may also enjoy strolling through Ruth’s Prayer Garden, or hike to the prayer alter where Billy and Ruth Graham first asked God if this mountain was the place He chose for them to build the Training Center.

Emanuel Romanian Church hiking October 2011

9. Do your guests have any special needs we should know about?

This will help in our room assignment process.  If there are specific dietary needs, let your event coordinator know about that ahead of time as well.

10. Don’t stress!

One of the first documents you will receive from us is an event planning guide.  It has many helpful tips, along with a time line of when things are due.  Out staff loves to take care of groups, it’s what we do!

Call  1-800-950-2092 to book your event today.

Interested in submitting an online request to hold your Christian conference or ministry event here at The Cove?  Click here for information.

GUEST POST: Is it bad to want to be a great Christian?

By Chip Ingram

Is it bad to want to be a great Christian?

There’s a question that I wrestled with for quite awhile for most of my Christian life: Is it really wrong to want to be great? Is it self-centered to want your life to really make an impact?

What I’ve discovered is that “greatness” is most people’s ambition in nearly every area of their lives. When I’ve asked a lot of people about their hopes and dreams, I usually get unapologetic answers about their desires to be great at what they do. Corporate leaders want their companies to be great, professionals want to have great careers, men want to be great husbands and fathers, and women want to be great wives and mothers.

Yet when I ask believers if they want to be great Christians, many of them seem to be afraid to answer the question, as if they’re worried that their ambitions might make them seem arrogant.

But is it really prideful to want to honor God with lives of great faith and excellent work? Should we accept mediocrity instead?

After spending three years with Jesus, the disciples didn’t seem to think so. They actually argued about which one of them was the greatest. What I find most fascinating is that Jesus never admonished them for having ambition or for their desire to be great. Instead, He just showed them a different way to get there.

In Luke 22, Jesus redefines greatness by laying out a clear but counterintuitive pathway that 11 of the 12 disciples eventually fulfilled. He responds to their desires to be great by saying: ” … the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves.” (Luke 22:26)

Jesus modeled what it means to be truly great. He came to this Earth as a humbled servant of God, yet He didn’t live a life of mediocrity. The night before his crucifixion, He said to the Father: “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” (John 17:4) He went on to ask that the Father glorify Him and that His glory be shared with His disciples.

Jesus’ statements about greatness were bold, yet we would never accuse Jesus of being arrogant or immodest, would we? From God’s perspective, His desires were godly.

So what about you? Do you want to be great? I’m not talking about financial success or popular opinion. That’s usually a self-centered ambition. I’m talking about being great in God’s kingdom. That is a noble desire!

In fact, God loves it when his people are zealous about making a difference in His kingdom.

Maybe you’re wondering, would God ever use an ordinary person like me, just like the great Christians in the Bible or the men and women of great faith that we read about in church history? And what I want to tell you is, yes!

God eagerly looks over the landscape of this world to honor, empower, and strengthen those whose love and obedience bring him pleasure. For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.(2 Chronicles 16:9)

Our greatness – as He defines it – is His desire.

Click here or call 1-800-950-2092 to join Chip at The Cove on May 23-25, 2014 for his seminar titled, “Doing Good: What Happens When Christians Live Like Christians

Chip Ingram May 2014

Your First Step When Planning a Retreat at The Cove

What is the first thing to do when planning a retreat?


The answer might surprise you – the very first thing you should do after you’ve agreed to plan your organization’s retreat or meeting is to recruit a partner in planning. 

That may sound odd – I haven’t even started and I should recruit someone to work with?

Absolutely!  Here are some of the reasons doing so is not only wise, it is essential!

  1. 1.       Christian ministry is not a solo venture; we are called to work together.  It is also too important to be subject to the challenges we face in life so if you cannot serve for any reason, there is someone who can pick up and carry on.  Life happens!  I had been planning an event for many months and was unable to attend.  It went off without a hitch because the person I had worked closely with didn’t miss a beat.  She did not plan to be in charge that day but she was up to speed on the details and was unfazed by the responsibility. Jesus set an example by sending out disciples two by two. (Mark 6:7)
  2. 2.      Who is going to plan the next event?  One of the key phrases in planning for your ministry growth is “replace yourself.”  If I want to grow into new responsibilities, then someone else has to be prepared to do what I do now.  That means that I can begin training someone now to do what they might be called to do next month or next year.
  3. 3.      Working with a partner creates a diversity that allows you to see more of the whole picture.  If you are a vision person, work with a detail person.   Most likely both will find it a bit annoying but in the end, both will be grateful for the skills the other brought to the process.  Proverbs 27:17 says it this way:  As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
  4. 4.      Most importantly, we are in the “business” of making disciples.  Whatever we do, we should be doing it to the glory of God and the advancement of the kingdom.  This applies not only to event planning but to so many aspects of Christian ministry.  Musicians train new musicians in how to serve and lead in music ministry.  Those who visit the sick or in prison take with them those who have a heart for these ministries and may themselves be called to them someday.  Likewise those of us who serve in planning need to disciple others in serving. 

Leadership can indeed be taught! 

The best classroom is not a classroom at all but working alongside a wise believer who has served well. 

One of the greatest joys of ministry is to see one we have poured in to, respond to God’s call and serve well.  It is not only a personal joy, but God’s design for the health of his body and the spread of the gospel. 

Happy planning!
Nancy, Event Planner at The Cove

Click here or call 1-800-950-2092 to find out more about bringing your group to The Cove. 

November at The Cove

The Cove is designed to help you get away, relax, and hear God’s voice.

Take a look at the many wonderful options we have to offer in November.

We’re saving a seat for you! 

Autum shot 2 long




Jack HayfordPursuing the Will of God
with Jack Hayford, November 1-3, 2013
Click here to register.

Wise people still seek God’s will today. Retrace Abraham’s footsteps and mine timeless principles for daily living that are practical and unmistakable. Discover, grow, and experience His will in a way that leads to fulfillment and fruitfulness.

Tullian_headshot for 2013 sm versionOne Way Love: The Power of Unconditional Love in a Conditional World
with Tullian Tchividjian, November 4-6, 2013
Click here to register.

Everything in our world demands two way love. Everything’s conditional. If you love me, only then will I love you. If you do for me, only then will I do for you. If you serve me, only then will I serve you. This conditionality plagues us at every level and keeps us enslaved to fear and insecurity. Grace, however is one-way love. Grace is love that seeks you out when you have nothing to give in return. Grace is love coming at you that has nothing to do with you. Grace is being loved when you are unlovable. The idea that there is an unconditional love that relieves the pressure, forgives our failures and replaces our fear with faith seems too good to be true. Come explore the radical unconditionality of God’s love to us and how that sets us free to love others unconditionally.

20110719-Ash_TheCove_71911066SeniorSalt Impact
November 4, 2013
Click here to register.

Looking for an encouraging day trip? This morning program is designed to encourage senior adult believers to reach their friends and family for Jesus Christ. This event will feature the showing of the inspiring, full-length movie Seven Days in Utopia, followed by a buffet style lunch.

Henry BlackabyR  Blackaby Pic for 2013Mike BlackabyThe Seasons of God and His Purposes for You
with Henry, Richard & Mike Blackaby, November 6-8, 2013
Click here to register.

Did you know that just as God has purposes for the seasons of nature, He also uses seasons in your life to grow you, work with you, and talk to you? Understanding the principles of these seasons can offer you hope, direction, insight, and intimacy with God Himself. Come explore God’s patterns at work in your life—and find out how His will is being carried out in the best way, at the best time. Learn to recognize and understand the current season you are in and better navigate the numerous changes you encounter. Gain inspiring insights into life, relationships, and families and get the most out of the rest of your life.

Briscoes imageLiving in the Word: How to Engage with Scripture
with Stuart & Jill Briscoe, November 8-10, 2013
Click here to register.

The American Bible Society reports that, while their traditional objectives of translating, publishing and distributing the Scriptures are being fully met, they are concerned that the number of people engaging with the Bible are in serious decline. Living daily in God’s Word has profound and far-reaching results. Come discover how to explore and apply the Scriptures so that you experience real discipleship, embrace unadulterated Truth, and enjoy biblical freedom as Jesus promised. Take home a renewed love for the Word of God and a more practical grasp for applying it, and see its transforming power in your daily life.

Gary Thomas Snapshots from the Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
with Gary Thomas, November 10-12, 2013
Click here to register.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the most profound and famous sermon in history. It contains the proclamation of God’s love, the call to a new way of life, a road map to salvation, and practical guidance for everyday living. Along the way, it unlocks a wealth of spiritual wisdom and insight. Transform your walk with God as you discover what it means to be “pure in heart” and how this helps you see Him. Learn how to “take the log out of our own eye” before humbly examining the speck in your brother’s and be inspired by Christ’s blessing of commitment. Delve into Jesus’ astonishing remedy for people’s sins against you and how it supports your focus on seeking first God’s kingdom.

Jonathan Falwell from webRomans: From Guilt to Glory
with Jonathan Falwell, November 12-14, 2013
Click here to register.

Since God will never hold our sins against us, why do so many Christians wrestle with guilt and shame? Discover how Jesus has overcome these obstacles and come, immerse yourself in the greatness of the love of God. Learn to experience more of His mercy and grace.

AnneGrahamLotz smallFilling Up to Overflow
with Anne Graham Lotz, November 14-17, 2013
Click here to register.

Are you a serious Bible student? Come enrich and prepare yourself to become an effective communicator of God’s Word. Examine the life of Abraham, and get equipped to read, study, and teach the Bible with relevance and power. Learn how to immerse yourself in Scripture and allow God’s Word to saturate your life and spill out to others. Audience participation will be required. This seminar’s worship leader will be Fernando Ortega.

Fernando Ortega from webAn Evening at The Cove
with Fernando Ortega, November 17, 2013
Click here to register.

Come for a worshipful evening of music and fellowship. Enjoy friendly conversation over a fine buffet dinner, followed by an uplifting concert program. Overnight lodging is available at applicable rates and includes breakfast the following morning.

Mac Brunson for 2013Storms: When You’re Rocked, Rattled, & Wrecked with Mac Brunson, November 18-20, 2013
Click here to register.

In today’s society many people believe if a person is blameless, upright, fears God, attends church, reads the Bible, and prays, then God will bless him or her with an emotionally, physically and financially comfortable life. The Bible, however, paints a very different picture. God doesn’t promise His followers we will avoid the storms of life, He assures us He will be with us through the storms. Delve into God’s Word and grasp more fully the hope of His promises and change the way you respond to depression, criticism and conflict. Don’t just survive life’s storms, experience victory in their midst and beyond.

Rob Wilton for 2013 close upWho Am I? How God Sees You
with Rob Wilton, November 20-22, 2013
Click here to register.

In today’s society, many people find their identity in their vocation, marriage, friends, material possessions, or even political party. Yet, for believers, Scripture reveals our defining identity is in Christ. Come explore the Bible’s important truths for knowing who you are and learn how your identity informs your response to today’s issues as a Christ follower. 

jennifer rothschild for 2013 2 smallWomen’s Day Away:
Filling in Your Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
with Jennifer Rothschild, November 23, 2013
Click here to register.

Does God care? Is He fair? Is He even there? You may know all the right answers, but they don’t always feel right. Come explore these and other questions in this realistic look at the messy, mysterious uncertainties of faith. God’s ways don’t always make sense to us, but He is trustworthy. He wants to reveal Himself to you and fill in your missing pieces with something far more satisfying than answers—God wants to fill in your missing pieces with Himself. Draw near to Him, and experience unexpected peace even in heartache.

Click here to see available dates for your self-guided Personal Spiritual Retreat.

Individual financial assistance available.  Click here for information and an application. 

Visit TheCove.org to view all events.

SAVING A SEAT FOR YOU: September’s Cove Update

Watch here as Darren Thomas, Program Manager at The Cove, invites you in for a look back over the last few months of ministry and gives a sneak peak at what’s coming up this fall.

We’re saving a seat for you at The Cove!

For more information, or to register for one the events mentioned, click here or call 1-800-950-2092.

October at The Cove

Be encouraged this fall with several options of outstanding events in which to draw closer to God.  

Beautiful picture of Cove in Fall







Wil Graham in Kenya June 2013Second-Guessing God’s Plan
with Will Graham
October 7-9, 2013
Click here to register.

Do you sometimes second guess God’s plan for your life? Ever wonder if missteps in your past caused God to implement a Plan B for you? Come transform your understanding of the way He works in your life as you contemplate Scripture. See how God’s perfect and redemptive plan includes the heartache, disappointments, and many challenges of this fallen world. Grasp the hope, confidence, and peace He has for you and follow Him with deeper faith as you discover what God’s got in mind is far greater than you could ever imagine.

20110719-Ash_TheCove_71911066SeniorSalt Impact Hymn Sing
with Ron Whittemore with David Gaines,
October 7, 2013
Click here to register.

SeniorSalt Hymn Sings at The Cove are a wonderful opportunity for senior adults to gather for a morning of worship and fellowship. Centered around the joyful singing of beloved traditional hymns and choruses, the morning program will also include inspiring Scripture passages and interesting stories behind some of our favorite songs. A delicious buffet-style meal in the dining room will follow. After lunch guests are welcome to stay for the afternoon and enjoy The Cove as they view memorabilia from Billy and Ruth Graham’s life and ministry, shop in Ruth’s Attic Bookstore (at The Cove), tour our Visitors Center, or simply fellowship together.

James DobsonPrescription for Renewal
with James Dobson
October 11-13, 2013
Click here to register.

World Medical Mission’s (WMM) 24th annual conference is tailored specifically for medical professionals. This weekend of prayer, fellowship, and spiritual renewal will include powerful Bible teaching, inspiring worship, and testimonies from physicians who have served with WMM. (Spouses are welcome.)

An optional Missionary Medicine Seminar, offering category 1 CME credit, is available beginning Thursday, October 10th, at an additional cost.
WORLD MEDICAL MISSION is a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse that arranges short-term mission trips for doctors.

Skip Heitzig 2 for 2013 smallNathan Heitzig for 2013Life Hurts! Now What?
with Skip Heitzig & Nathan Heitzig
October 14-15, 2013
Click here to register.

Did you know the painful experiences each of us face are part of God’s Divine Curriculum? Though pain is part of the human condition and a central issue in the Bible, most Christians do not have a “Theology of Suffering.” Come take a look at life through the lenses of Job and King David. Learn how to frame your adversities in the light of God’s purposes. Change the way you face hardships and go from asking, “How can I get out of this?” to asking, “What can I get out of this?”

Erwin Lutzer for 2013 smallGrowing Through Famines, Deserts, and Other Hard Places
with Erwin Lutzer
October 15-17, 2013
Click here to register.

It’s no secret that hardship—and how we respond—is a test of our character. God’s Word shows us how He uses rough experiences like famines, financial adversity, and temptation to teach unexpected lessons, test, and strengthen His people. No matter what trials we may experience, we see others have already faced the same turmoil and temptations and have endured. Come and increase your faith—know that God walks with you in even the most extreme difficulty and that you can rely on Him in the day of calamity. Arm yourself with God’s promises and confront adversity remembering that in the face of eternity, trials are short.

Phil KeaggyAn Evening at The Cove
with Phil Keaggy
October 19, 2013
Click here to register.

Come for a worshipful evening of music and fellowship. Enjoy friendly conversation over a fine buffet dinner, followed by an uplifting concert program. Overnight lodging is available at applicable rates and includes breakfast the following morning. Concert-only registration may be available for select programs.

Bob Russell for 2013Best Friends: The Importance of Christian Relationships
with Bob Russell
October 23-25, 2013
Click here to register.

Close Christian relationships usually take time, effort and transparency to develop but are invaluable to the believer. While, “bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33, NIV), godly friends are a constant source of encouragement and an inspiration to faithfulness in our walk with Christ. Scripture tells us that “two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, NIV), “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12, NIV), and “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17, NIV). Glean valuable insight from the diverse and meaningful friendships of David and Jonathan, Ruth and Naomi, Elijah and Elisha, and Paul and Barnabas. Experience greater depth in your relationships and see God encourage you and those close to you in new and profound ways.

James Merritt for 2013 smallStill Standing: Winning Strategies for Facing Tough Times
with James Merritt
October 27-29, 2013
Click here to register.

When life threatens to trip you up, push you over, or knock you down, do you stand tall? You can. The Bible is replete with stories of people who stood firm in their faith amidst hardship. Why? When the going gets tough, God gets going. Come get equipped with guiding principles to help you face challenges and find victory during adversity. Learn how to respond when you get what you don’t deserve, be inspired to stand for what’s right when no one else will, and be emboldened to place the well-being of others above your own comfort and security. Experience a life of freedom and joy as you discover God’s winning strategies for tackling tough times head-on.

Woman on rocking chair reading bibleGuided Personal Spiritual Retreat
October 29-31, 2013
Call 1-800-950-2092 to register.

Come experience a Cove-Guided Personal Spiritual Retreat. Once your retreat begins, a trained Cove staff member will meet with you in a small group for orientation and help you customize your PSR experience. Enjoy times of small group reflection, collective prayer, and satisfying conversations at meals to discuss how God is working in your heart. Spend time walking our mountain trails, in private devotions, journaling, and more.

To view a list of all upcoming events at The Cove, click here.

Individual financial assistance available.  Click here for information and an application. 

The Cove Offers Special Rates for Middle and High School Age Kids

summer shot of CoveParents (grandparents too!), how would you like to spend some quality time with your teenager in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina while digging into God’s Word?

On August 9-11, Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum both of which work to engage today’s culture with biblical truth, will teach on The Authority and Reliability of Scripture for the Challenges of Today’s World.    

Come explore the relevance of God’s Word to your life and the “hot button” topics of our day.  Grow your faith and get equipped to defend the biblical truth in today’s world.

Did we mention that we have over ten miles of hiking trails to explore!

Because of the appropriate content of this seminar for youth, registration is open to young people of middle and high school age at a discounted rate when accompanied by a parent or grandparent.     

For more information or to register, click here or call 1-800-950-2092.

Spiritual Simplicity with Chip Ingram

In today’s busy world, do you ever feel so tired that your family and friends seem to wind up with the scraps of what is left of you?

Do you suffer from fractured relationships, a drifting marriage, painful loneliness, or a coping addiction?

Do you feel spiritually depleted?   

Do you know that the Bible shows us how to live in this fast paced world in a truly meaningful way?   

On May 24-26, Chip Ingram will be at The Cove to dig into God’s Word and help you learn how to experience spiritual simplicity…by doing less and loving more!  Come and learn how to change love from a noun to a verb and choose to concentrate on what really matters.   

Watch here as Chip Ingram explains that the key to spiritual simplicity is not techniques; it’s doing less so you can love more.

Click here or call 1-800-950-2092 for more information and to register for Chip Ingram’s seminar titled Spiritual Simplicity: Doing Less, Loving More on May 24-26, 2013. 

For information on our financial assistance program, click here.