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Saturday Snapshot – Military Marriage Retreat Race to the Top September 2017

There’s nothing like a good challenge, and many of the men and women attending last weekend’s Military Marriage Retreat were able to accomplish a difficult feat.

Earlier this year, we started our Race to the Top challenge because we knew many of our active-duty military men and women enjoy hiking or running  on the trails throughout The Cove property.  So we thought, why not have a little healthy competition?!

This last weekend marked our 2nd Race to the Top challenge.  The weather was perfect and 22, in all, finished the race.

The race began at the trail entrance near Chatlos Memorial Chapel and ended at The Cove overlook.  The course is a steep, winding, four-mile uphill journey!

sm blog Start Here Sign at Start of Race

Following the honor system, each participant timed themselves and completed the challenge during their free time on Saturday.

Some of our racers woke up early and headed up at sunrise, while others ventured up in the afternoon.  Finish times ranged from 42 minutes and 28 seconds to just over an hour.

Enjoy the pictures…

sm blog runner yellow DSC_0001 from LP (9) sm blog runner winner DSC_0001 from LP (10)

sm blog 2 walkers DSC_0001 from LP (16)sm blog 2 walkers DSC_0001 from LP (18)sm blog 3 runners DSC_0001 from LP (11)

This is a very welcoming sign to our racers…only 150 yards to go!

sm blog 150 yard sign near overlook DSC_0001 from LP (8)

The mens’ winner rounding the bend to the overlook…

sm blog winner on the homestretch DSC_0001 from LP (21)

Behold the view from the overlook…
Not a bad reward for finishing the race!

sm blog view from overlook with mountain DSC_0001 from LP (14) sm blog view with lots of clouds DSC_0001 from LP (13) sm blog view from the overlook DSC_0001 from LP (3)

Many of the race participants took pictures at the top.  Here they are…

sm blog selfie cutout couple DSC_0001 from LP (28) sm blog selfie cutout couple DSC_0001 from LP (19) sm blog Mark Oldroyd and wife Mark time was 50_58 sm blog male and female winner DSC_0001 from LP (26) sm blog couple with selfie cutout DSC_0001 from LP (31) sm blog couple DSC_0001 from LP (17) sm blog Anita Flowers and hubs 1 hour 15 min

Taking time for a little fellowship and more pictures on the mountain…

sm blog fellowship at the overlook DSC_0001 from LP (23) sm blog another couple looking at view DSC_0001 from LP (24) sm blog 3 couples DSC_0001 from LP (29) sm blog big view with couple looking out DSC_0001 from LP (32) sm blog couple looking out at view DSC_0001 from LP (20)

And the winners are…

sm blog male and female winner DSC_0001 from LP (26)

That’s right, the men’s and women’s division winners are a couple!! That’s one fast couple.

The view from the top and the journey along the way was a memorable experience for all.

Look who one of our couples spotted as they were coming off the trail near the parking lot… an official Cove ambassador!

Bear that Cristina Moore and husband saw near trail entrance coming back to parking lot

On Sunday morning, we opened up our last session of the weekend with the winner announcement and prize award.

Bradley was our mens’ winner, and he finished the race in an impressive 42 minutes and 28 seconds.

sm blog Male Winner

And our womens’ winner, Marcelle, finished in 51 minutes and two seconds.  Well done, sister! sm blog Female Winner

Congratulations to the winners, as well as to all the participants. 

There was more than a race going on over the weekend, 70 military couples were blessed with powerful Bible teaching from Tommy Nelson, worshiping, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company.

We expect to have three Military Marriage Retreats at The Cove in 2018.  At the time of this publication, we only have two confirmed, so check back for the third date (probably March 2018) in November.  These retreats for our military are free to active-duty, Guard, and Reserve service-members and their spouses.  (Includes program, meals and lodging).  Please help spread the word to your military friends and loved ones.

Active-duty, Guard and Reserve service-members are also welcome to attend any of our regular seminars, Personal Spiritual Retreats and concerts.  Click here for more information and to download the resource form.