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Saturday Snapshot – Gospel Music on the Mountain

Talk about worship!  If you’ve ever seen The Collingsworth Family perform live, your socks were no doubt knocked off.

This six-member family of amazingly talented people performed for An Evening at The Cove on Thursday to a sold-out crowd.  Following are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Family from left to right: Kim (mother), Olivia, Phillip Jr., Courtney, Brooklyn, and Phil (father).

Collingsworth -1008 sm

Kim Collingsworth (matriarch of the family) has mastered the piano like no other.  She says, “I practice and pray and leave the rest up to Jesus!”

Collingsworth -1013 sm

Collingsworth -1027 sm

Sisters Olivia and Brooklyn harmonizing with their brother, Phillip Jr. — delightful!

Collingsworth -1035 sm

It’s always fun for the fans to meet the artists at our Evening at The Cove events.  We had a table-ful here!  Collingsworth -1058 sm

This is little Emma, cradled in her grandma’s arms.  She is the first and only grandchild at this point.  You think she gets loved on a bunch?!  She has been traveling with her parents, Brooklyn (Collingsworth daughter) and Will Blair (Collingsworth road manager/sound technician) since she was 2-weeks old.     Collingsworth -1044 sm

Just look at that face!  P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S! Collingsworth -1037 sm

Most people say they never want to leave when they come to a Cove event.  241 of those attending the concert decided to stretch out their time a bit and spend the night with us.

Here’s a picture of one of our inn rooms, where the post dinner/ concert slumber took place.

Shepherds Inn room

The following morning it was reported that “A joyful group of people sang hymns while in the breakfast line.”  Looks like they rested well and were still feeling the joy carried over from their evening!

We’d love to see you at An Evening at The Cove.  Click here for the schedule.  A couple have sold out (Laura Story and Fernado Ortega), so make sure to get your tickets early.

God bless you!

Summer Concerts at the Cove

It’s time you treated yourself to an evening out and we have just the idea!

Join us this summer for a delicious buffet-style dinner, an uplifting concert with Andrew PetersonNewSongMichael Card,  Laura Story, orJason Crabb and a chance to meet these popular Christian artists, all in the intimate setting of The Cove.

Overnight lodging is available at applicable rates and includes breakfast the following morning.

summer concerts at the cove

Click artist’s name for tickets and more information :

Andrew Peterson— June 20, 2015
NewSong— June 28, 2015
Michael Card— July 12, 2015
Laura Story— August 6, 2015
Jason Crabb— August 23, 2015

An Evening at The Cove with Point of Grace 2014

Intimate setting in the main auditorium at the Training Center.


Join Us for An Evening at The Cove

Isn’t it about time you treated yourself to an evening out?

We have just the idea!

Join us for dinner, an uplifting concert with Jason Crabb, NewSong or Fernando Ortega and a chance to meet these popular Christian artists, all in the intimate setting of The Cove.

Jason crabb PROMO

Click here for tickets to Jason Crabb on Sunday, September 21st.

NewSong Promo

Click here for tickets to NewSong on Sunday, October 12th.

An Evening at The Cove with Michael Card

Michael Card for 2014

Michael Card will be performing An Evening at The Cove on Sunday, June 15, 2014.

This Dove Award-winning musician has recorded 35 albums, written 19 No. 1 hits and authored and co-authored over 24 books!  

His classic songs include “El Shaddai,” “Love Crucified Arose,” “Immanuel,” and more recently, “Come Lift Up Your Sorrows.”

We hope you will join us on June 15th for an evening of warm fellowship, a delicous dinner, and an uplifting concert by this extraordinary musician.  You will even have the opportunity to meet Michael at the CD signing right after the show!   

For more information and to purchase tickets for the dinner and concert, call 1-800-950-2092 or click here.

Michael will also be teaching a week-long Intensive Bible Training class June 16-20, 2014 titled: John: The Gospel of Wisdom. Click here for more information and to register.

Imagine This…

This could be you…

Putting a busy week behind you, you drive through the gates of The Cove. 

Dogwoods, redbuds and rhododendron greet you with splashes of color along the gently curving drive.

IMG_3501_emlThree wild turkeys strut in front of you and dash off to the side of the road.  One turns and spreads his tail feathers, vibrant colors that only God could dream up.   

Peace settles over you. You have heard people say you can feel the presence of God when you come on The Cove property.  You feel that peace.

You have decided to make this outing a mini-retreat, so you check into your inn room.  The room is sweet and comfortable.  There are no televisions.  You embrace the freedom from distractions.

As you walk from the inn to the Training Center, the birds sing, you hear something shuffling through the woods.  A turkey?  A deer?  How great is our God!

It’s time for dinner.  The chef has prepared a prime-rib meal tonight.  The food is delicious and plentiful.  You enjoy fellowship with people from all over the country.  Some returning and others enjoying their first time experience at The Cove.  Stories are exchanged, friendships created.    

IMG_4205_emlNext… an after-dinner coffee on the expansive deck overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains.

Is this your life!? 

Feeling very thankful. 

The concert is about to begin.  You take your seat in the intimate 460-seat auditorium.  There is not a bad seat in the room. 

The lights dim and Chris August steps on stage and begins to sing. 

This soulful singer doesn’t hold back.  Jesus is lifted high.    

After the concert, everyone is invited to come and meet Chris at the meet-and-greet.  What an opportunity!

The evening flies by. 

As you lay your head on your pillow, you thank God for a time of sweet rest and worship.

Shepherds Inn roomSweet dreams…

Breakfast awaits you in the morning. 

Join us on Saturday, May 10th for An Evening at The Cove with Chris August. 

For tickets and information, click here or call 1-800-950-2092.

Watch here as Chris August sings Starry Night. 

Ask the Artist: Chris August

Chris August performs for An Evening at The Cove here on Saturday, May 10th.

What would you like to know about Chris? Post your questions in the comments section below and check back soon for some of his answers.

Tickets are still available.  All ticket holders are able to meet Chris after the concert at the Meet & Greet! 

For tickets visit: www.TheCove.org/August

Christ August

Brandon Heath to Perform at The Cove

Brandon Heath for 2014 new

Nashville native Brandon Heath is known for thought-provoking songs like “Give Me Your Eyes,” “Your Love,” “Jesus in Disguise” and his latest hit, “Love Does.” Heath has been honored with multiple GMA Dove awards and five Grammy nominations.

Brandon will perform for An Evening at The Cove on Thursday, March 27, 2014. 

Fans appreciate the intimate setting at The Cove, where there are only 460 seats in the state-of-the-art auditorium.  You will even have a chance to meet Brandon face to face after the concert at a special Meet & Greet.  No special VIP/Backstage pass required!   

Tickets are $50 and include the concert and a delicious prime-rib buffet-style dinner. Overnight lodging is available.

Click here or call 1-800-950-2092 to register.

Brandon Heath meet and greet 2013 small
Fans will enjoy meeting Brandon after the concert.

Listen here as Brandon sings Give Me Your Eyes.

Lenny LeBlanc to Perform at The Cove

Lenny LeBlanc for 2013If you had a radio or a television set in the 1970’s then you probably heard Lenny LeBlanc’s hit ballad “Falling.” 

On Sunday September 29th, you can experience Lenny performing in person here at The Cove!

This self-taught musician knew from an early age that music would be a part of his life. 

A successful career, working with some of the best musicians around, but something was missing. 

It was a testimony from an old friend, who had become a drug smuggler, and his gift of a bible to Lenny, that changed his life forever. 

“I knew nothing about God, I didn’t know a Methodist from a Baptist. I didn’t know how to talk to God, but I started asking Him if He was real; and He started revealing himself to me.” LeBlanc says.

“Finding Jesus was like a signpost in my life. Whatever storm comes, I can look back and never refute what happened to me. That’s the Rock I cling to.”

Lenny continues to write pop and country songs, including hits like “Treat Her Right” for Sawyer Brown and “You First” with two-time CMA Musician of the Year, Mac McAnally.  He still travels nationally and internationally as a Christian artist and serves as worship leader at Faith Church in Florence, Alabama.

Watch here for a beautiful sampling of Lenny’s music. 

Join us for an Evening at The Cove with Lenny LeBlanc on September 29th. 

Click here or call 1-800-950-2092 for tickets.

Natalie Grant Finds God’s Peace in ‘Hurricane’

Natalie Grant from BGEA articleBy Kristy Etheridge, BGEA Staff Writer

You’re spinning out of control again. Your life feels like a sinking ship. You’re wondering how it came to this.

The first few lines of Natalie Grant’s new single, “Hurricane” aren’t just another set of lyrics; they tell the personal story of an inner battle Grant experienced for more than a year.

“The hurricane started with the birth of my third child,” Grant told the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Already a mother of twin girls, Grant had a “surprise” pregnancy after being told she couldn’t have any more children.

She loved her new baby daughter, Sadie, but found herself facing postpartum depression that pulled her into a dark and difficult season.

“There was an inner war—the guilt I was feeling that I was this Christian artist who was supposed to have her life together, and here I was, dealing with depression,” Grant said.

As a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who won the Gospel Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year five times, Grant’s success has led many of her listeners to assume she’s always on top of the world, finding the perfect balance of marriage, motherhood and music.

Grant says that’s just not the case.

“I must give off some sort of very false impression,” she said with a laugh. “I don’t balance it at all. I’m terrible at it. That’s where the grace of God comes in. I get to wake up in the morning and try it all over again.”

Grant says focusing on God’s Word is what keeps her sane…and what helped pull her out of a season of depression.

“Get yourself in God’s Word,” Grant said. “Even if it’s only for 15 minutes in the morning. Take some time and spend it with the Lord. On the days that I don’t, those are the days I feel that crushing weight.”

On Aug. 22, Grant will lead worship at a place where studying God’s Word is a way of life—the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove.

The 1,200-acre mountain retreat is the result of Billy and Ruth Graham’s vision of a place where believers could go to be spiritually refreshed, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Grant is returning for a second year in a row for An Evening at The Cove. Her last visit was in Sept., 2012. “It was amazing, and that’s why we’re coming back,” Grant said. “We loved it. Not only did I just love the audience, I loved the venue. It was so intimate, and the setting is unbelievable. My band stayed there in some of the cabins. It was just a time of refreshing for us.”

Grant’s latest trip to The Cove comes at a busy time, as she prepares to release her new album, Hurricane, in mid-October before going on tour—an event that used to be a family affair.

“With the twins, they never missed a show,” Grant said. “They toured with me full time. Then I had my third child, and going from two to three is really a shell shock. You’re outnumbered. You feel like this is a game-changer.”

To make sure she puts her family first, Grant has scaled back her touring a bit, and she makes a point to not be away from home longer than three days if her family isn’t traveling with her.

“My calling as a wife and a mommy is first,” Grant said.

While finding that perfect balance will always be a work-in-progress, Grant is confident that she’s answering God’s call in her life—as believer, singer, wife and mom.

As for the lyrics about life spinning out of control…well, fortunately, that’s not where the story ends. It’s never too late, never too far…and when you feel the rain, call His name.

Grant has learned that life’s storms may not cease as quickly as we’d like, but God is always there, in the midst of every struggle.

He’ll find you in the hurricane.

Click here or call 1-800-950-2092 to purchase tickets for An Evening at The Cove with Natalie Grant.

An Evening at The Cove with Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant (2)“When we live the love of the Gospel out loud, a revolution will occur.” – Natalie Grant

She has an amazing voice and a beautiful heart.

But it is this multi-award winning Christian singer/songwriter’s message of the Gospel, and the revolutionary power of love it carries, that she waves as her banner and her hope.

Natalie Grant will perform at The Cove on Thursday August 22nd. 

Join us for a delectable prime rib dinner, followed by an uplifting evening of worship. Overnight lodging is available too!

Click here for more information and to get your ticket(s).

Natalie shares, “Matthew 14:22-33 inspired my new song Hurricane. I found myself in a dark place, and was begging God to stop the storm. But instead, He came to me in the middle of my storm, and brought with Him courage, strength & peace.”

Listen here to her brand new song, Hurricane.