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A Christmas Wish Granted…

By Trevor Freeze

It’s the beginning of December and the wracking of brains begins.

What do we get mom and dad for Christmas?

Another tie? Sweater? Movie passes? Weed eater?

For the Stevens family, the decision of what to get the folks for Christmas has become a whole lot easier.

“They know we love to travel,” Lynn Stevens said of her three grown children. “And they know we love this place.”

“This place” is The Cove — The Billy Graham Training Center — in Asheville,  N.C., and this past weekend, Tom and Lynn Stevens were using a gift certificate  from their three children to stay over after attending the Night of Worship

“Stuff you forget,” Tom said. “A night at The Cove, you don’t forget. It’s an experience.”

It’s the second straight Christmas that Mandy, 33, Andrew, 29, and Emily, 27, decided to bless their parents with a trip to The Cove, although it was a  little easier the second time around.

“It was kind of a not-so-subtle hint,” Tom said.

That hint came shortly after the Stevens used the first Cove Gift Certificate to attend A Night of Worship with Andrew Peterson in 2011 and fell in love with  the place.

“The closeness you feel here,” said Lynn, who came from Eden, N.C., north of  Greensboro. “You can just sense the presence of God.”

But it wasn’t until the Stevens were in the car on their way to The Cove in  December that they felt God’s timing. The gift certificate was set to expire the very next day.

“We looked at the gift certificate and I said ‘What day is today?’ ” Tom said.
“That’s just how God works. He’s got a sense of humor.”

And as far as next year’s Christmas gift?

Any other ideas come to mind?

“We’re going to keep talking about this,” Tom said.

To learn more about The Cove, click here.
To purchase a Cove gift certificate for your loved one, click here.

A Night of Worship

This Saturday evening, area worship leaders and musicians will offer A Night of Worship – a free community concert event at The Cove, in Asheville, NC beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Robert Williams from Seacoast Church Asheville will be the musical director for the evening, and Seacoast will also be the house band.  Nate Huff of Highland Christian Church and Lucas Parry of Biltmore Baptist East will join us in leading worship. While it’s free, registration for this event is required as space is limited. Before the concert, you can enjoy a gourmet meal. (The cost for this option is $20).

Call us at (800) 950-2092 to reserve your seat!