Skip Heitzig Playing the Ukulele?

That’s right. Skip Heitzig, pastor of 14,000-member Calvary of Albuquerque, was with us here at The Cove. And, we learned that when he’s not preaching, teaching, writing or ministering to thousands through his multimedia ministry, he enjoys playing his ukulele.

An old familiar song…


“Holy Holy Holy”


Something else you might not know about Skip. As a teenager, he got caught up in drugs and ventured into the occult. But God reached him one day in 1973 as he was watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV. The Gospel message penetrated his soul and he knelt and prayed to receive Christ. To God be the glory!

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2 thoughts on “Skip Heitzig Playing the Ukulele?”

  1. wow, I didn’t know Skip could play the OO Koo lele . Thanks for the correct pronunciation of the word .I think I’ve always pronounced it incorrectly. I really enjoyed this because my son Aaron has recently picked up playing the Ukelele and I enjoyed this so much. What a nice surprise and thanks so much for sharing this Skip!

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