Saturday Snapshot — Watch Will Graham Share The Gospel

Have you ever been to a Billy Graham Evangelistic LIVE event?  Perhaps you’ve attended one of Billy Graham’s Crusades or Franklin Graham’s Festivals?

Well, this weekend you have the opportunity to virtually attend one from the comfort of your own home.  Join Will Graham tonight at 7 pm ET and Sunday at 4pm ET as he shares the Gospel in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You’ll also have the chance to see music artists including Phil Wickham, Aaron Shust, The Afters, and Jimi Cravity. 

Will Graham Fort Wayne Indiana CelebrationJust click here at the appointed time and enjoy! 

On another note, look at the pretty imprint left by a leaf on the steps near the Training Center… Isn’t nature fun?!

Fall Leaf Imprint October 2017

Have a great weekend, friends!

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — Watch Will Graham Share The Gospel”

  1. I enjoyed Pastor Graham’s sermon thoroughly.

    I try to appreciate him on his own merits, as he is so very gifted as an evangelist, but, time and time again, I can hear his grandfather’s voice in his.

    As a child, my family always watched Billy Graham’s broadcasts on television, and, as a teenager, I got to attend one of his crusades in person. I know his grandfather’s voice, and Pastor Will has, no doubt, inherited the gift.

    Please know of my prayers for him and for his family.

  2. I always followed Billy Graham Crusades. Took Christian Life and Witness class, took several young women to a crusade in Raleigh, NC In the early 7 0’s Who went forward to accept Christ; and also worked in crusade office in Charlotte, in 1996. It has been an awesome journey.
    I attend the Cove Seminars often, so have met Will and agree that he reminds me so much of his Grand Father.
    I pray for him and His father Franklin as they are taking the gospel world wide. Their grand father’s legacy continues.
    What a h uge blessing.

    I love the photo of the impresssion of the leaf on the steps at THe Cove.

    God bless yo u all

    1. We’re so glad to be part of your journey, Faye! We know Will appreciates your faithful prayers. Is it looking Fall-like at your house?

      1. Somewhat, but humid high temperatures due to Nate. Thankful to get the cool temperatures of fall.
        God bless you all at the Cove.

  3. Reverend Will Graham’s wonderful gift for preaching is such a blessing for us all. We will, no doubt, be hearing more and more from him in the future! His sermon here, based on the story of the Prodigal Son, is deeply moving, delivered with such great passion for souls!

    However, I think we are mistaken in always giving credit only to his grandfather, Billy Graham, for his wonderful gifts for preaching!

    Will Graham has, no doubt, grown up, listing to and learning from his father, the famous Franklin Graham, preach. Franklin Graham is so very gifted, as an evangelist. I think he just stays so very busy running Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, that he does not spend more time preaching.

    I only wish I could have attended one of Franklin Graham’s crusades, during his recent tour of Texas, and I do hope that someday I will be able to hear him here, in Tennessee.

  4. Correction: Franklin Graham’s “Decision Texas: The Lone Star Tour” is kicking off tonight, October 11th in Lubbock, Texas, and runs through October 19th. Schedule:

    October 11—Lubbock, Mackenzie Park South

    October 12—Midland, Horseshoe Arena Amphitheater

    October 14—Corpus Christi, Whataburger Field

    October 15—San Antonio, River City Community Amphitheater

    October 16—Round Rock, Dell Diamond Parking Lot

    October 18—Waco, Baylor Touchdown Alley

    October 19—Longview, Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Complex

    1. Martie, just found out that you can catch Franklin’s message from Longview, TX tonight via his Facebook page at about 7:45 CDT. Blessings.

  5. Jill, I want to thank you again for explaining how folks could listen to Franklin Graham’s sermon by live streaming tonight!

    Reverend Graham is such a powerful speaker – so very in touch with the fact that people need to be reminded that God loves them and that, when we confess our sinfulness, He forgives us completely! People need to hear about the love and about the complete forgiveness God has for us – words that were painfully scarce, when I was growing up.

    I am so thankful that Reverend Graham has such great courage to speak the truth about the sanctity of life and the sanctity of Christian marriage. This kind of courage, to speak of these things, with complete confidence and honesty, is so very needed today!

    I am so thankful that he tells the truth about how our country is in trouble today, and that the only one who can heal our land is God, that, if we will turn to God, confess the sins of our nation, He will have mercy on us and heal our land. Since I heard Pastor Graham’s request that we pray for our nation and for our leaders, some time ago, I have begun doing so, as I imagine many others are doing.

    Thanks again, Jill! So very blessed by this sermon! May you be blessed!

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