Saturday Snapshot — Update on Mr. Graham

Hello, friends!  We hope you are enjoying the summer months.

We have a special update (and a sweet snapshot) for you today from Franklin Graham, on his father, Billy Graham…

“Some have asked about an update on my father Billy Graham. He’s now approaching his 99th birthday in November, and while he is doing well, he does have the physical challenges that come with his age. He enjoys visits from family members, including his sister who is his only remaining sibling. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren also come by more frequently in these summer months. His pastor, Dr. Don Wilton from Spartanburg, South Carolina, continues to visit weekly which means so much. This has been a tradition of prayer and encouragement for more than 20 years—we are so grateful to Pastor Wilton.

My father also has a constant companion you might not have heard of. No one could ever remember her name, so we all call her “Kitty.” She was a gift from all of us children on his 90th birthday and continues to be by his side.

Mr Grahams kitty July 2017

Thank you for your concern and prayers for him—you really don’t know how much that means to our family.” — Franklin Graham

Have a wonderful weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — Update on Mr. Graham”

  1. You could name her Miss Kitty.

    I am glad to hear that the Reverend Billy Graham is doing well.
    He and his family are in my prayers.

    Does Reverend Billy Graham still have his dogs?

  2. Dear Franklin:
    Thank you so very much for this intimate update of your father and lovely photo introduction of “Kitty”. I pray very frequently for your Dad Billy simultaneously for my uncle Loren who is 101 yrs old because they are close in age & both have dedicated their lives serving the LORD. My aged uncle is still active as a pastor and like Dr. Don Wilton who shows up weekly for Billy, my uncle Loren shows up weekly for his ailing sheep. The faithfulness of our LORD is apparent in these Godly men whose light continues to encourage & shine upon us all in their aged conditions. God bless you Franklin family and B.G.E.A.’s continued faithfulness…thank you all.

  3. A very sweet report about Mr Graham. God surely watches over him and cares for him.
    The Lord has a purpose for his life and
    I thank God for him
    All the years he preached were a huge blessing
    The work continues.

  4. Lord help us to number our days. Each precious moment is a treasured gift from you. Thank you Lord God for Billy Graham. Through him the Gospel of Christ has reached many lives across all continents. I pray that you remember his faithfulness and service to all of and be gracious to him even in his advanced age. Thank you for his departed wife Ruth, and thank you for the work his family continues to do pointing us all to the Cross of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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