Saturday Snapshot — When Technology Is Fussy

Friends, the computer was not on it’s best behavior this week.  Apparently, it does not care to allow us to upload images from The Cove today.

We have a better idea!  Would you please send us a picture attached in an email of anything you love on this January Saturday morning (could be a cup of coffee, your Bible, the view out your window, a picture of your family, your favorite piece in your house, your adorable pet…)?  Here’s where you can send it to:

We’d love a window into your world and look forward to seeing what you have to share with us!

Bless you!

P.S. If you’d allow us to share your picture here on our blog, please let us know in the body of your email.  Just, “you can share this image on The Cove blog” will do.




2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — When Technology Is Fussy”

  1. Jill, I’m not very good with computers, but if I could send you photos of a few things which are meaningful to me, first, I would send a photo of Franklin Graham. The daily news is so very confusing, but he works very hard to explain the news for us, from a Christian worldview, on his Facebook account. Thank you so very much Pastor Franklin!

    I would send a photo of the Cove, where I have been so very blessed, on several occasions, while attending retreats there.

    I would send a picture of you, if I had one, as day after day, you post scripture verses, photos, and all kinds of information which strengthen me and brighten my day. Thanks so very much!

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