Saturday Snapshot — Ruth Graham’s Words Live On

Billy Graham once said, “Many ask me, ‘Who is the greatest Christian I’ve ever known?’ I always answer, ‘Ruth.’ She’s the greatest Christian I’ve ever known.”


Today would have been Ruth Graham’s 97th birthday.  Born in China in 1920 to medical missionary parents, she later served the Lord, alongside her husband, for more than 60 years.  Ruth was called home by her Savior 10 years ago, but her words and her legacy of prayer live on…

Ruth Bell Graham

Ruth’s desk at their home in Montreat, North Carolina.  As you can see, she spent a great deal of time in God’s Word.  Ruth Graham desk

Executive Director of The Cove and Ruth’s grandson, Will Graham, appreciated his grandmother’s heart for prayer so much, that he dedicated Ruth’s Prayer Garden in her honor.  We’d love to share the prayer garden, adjacent to Chatlos Memorial Chapel, with more than 150 plant varieties, with you.  Stop by and take a tour….it’s free.  Click here for directions and hours. 


15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — Ruth Graham’s Words Live On”

  1. ” Ruth ,
    she’s the
    greatest Christian
    I’ve ever known ”
    – Billy Graham

    with the Lord for ten years now ,
    Notes from the Cove ,
    thanks for reminding us

    ” Ruth ,
    she’s the
    greatest Christian
    I’ve ever known ”
    – Billy Graham

  2. From all I have read and hear, Ruth was an amazing woman in so many ways. I would have loved to have met her.

  3. I have read about Ruth, and the whole family of Billy Graham. What a message of the way God worked in every life ! I admire Ruth and how she kept the home running, and still supported Billy by her prayers and love.. With out a doubt it was because she stayed so close to Our Heavenly Father , and He was her great Help..through His Holy Word !

  4. I have also read a lot about Ruth especially in Billy’s writings. I too would have loved to meet her. I believe I will meet her on that Glorious Day with Jesus, my Lord , my Saviour , my God.

    1. Indeed, that Glorious Day in meeting the Lord Jesus, face to face, as well as others that have gone before us. Won’t it be amazing to see how it is!

  5. It was a privilege to see her once as her daughter Anne brought her to one of the seminars at The Cove, which I was attending. She sat with us through the meeting and prayed for us in closing the evening. What a blessing she was to us that evening.; and her life lived out so beautifully and her mischievousness fun loving ways, and her commitment to the Lord live on through her books and through her children. What a legacy!!!!

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