Saturday Snapshot — Retired Life

Ron Hutchcraft, one of our speakers at The Cove, says about retirement: “It’s God’s will that you should “bear fruit” in your “old age,” that you stay fresh and productive, not stale and on the sidelines. You can retire from a career. You can retire from a company or an occupation, but you can’t retire from the service of Jesus Christ!”  

Many of the prayer requests we receive from guests and visitors are from people in retirement who have slowed down and have lost the sense of purpose they once had.

While there are all sorts of volunteer ministry opportunities, we have some pretty special retired saints serving at The Cove in a ministry that you may not have heard of.  They are Christian RV’ers, traveling the country and serving the Lord through their volunteer service with Volunteer Mobile Missionaries (VMM).  The Cove happens to be one of the volunteer sites they choose to come and serve throughout the year.

We’d like you to meet Ashley and Gloria.  These two have blessed us with their service for several weeks during the spring months over the last two years.

Listen as they tell you a little about their experience volunteering at The Cove and beyond.

So grateful for these two!
Ashley and Gloria and their neighborhood May 2017 with their RV

A shot of Ashley and Gloria’s “neighborhood” while staying at The Cove.

Ashley and Gloria and their neighborhood May 2017 RV

When asked if the RV was a gas guzzler, Gloria directed me to this sign on their RV door…
Ashley and Gloria RV with sign about gas mileage

Amen to that!

Click here and here to read about other Christian RV’ers that also serve at The Cove.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — Retired Life”

  1. Ashley and Gloria
    volunteer at the Cove
    they say
    “there’s more to life
    than good gas mileage ”
    HE said there is
    “joy unspeakable ”
    take HIS word , you’ll know

    thanks ,

  2. They are so precious. What a blessing to hear Their testimony. I was so blessed to be at The Cove this week with the Blackabys. The semonars at the Cove have helped me stay focused on Gods work in my life as he gives me opportnities to share what I hear there I pray to serve Him all of my life. Spiritual renewal is necessary and The Cove does that for me. It is Holy Ground.

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