Saturday Snapshot- Cove Christmas Decor

While The Cove is a beautiful place year-round, there’s something spectacular about seeing it all lit during the most wonderful time of the year. We wanted to give you an exclusive glimpse at how it looks all decorated for Christmas. Take a look…

Better Lit Sleigh
This beautiful sleigh greets you at the front door of the Traning Center.
The details of this nativity scene are astounding.

Cow CLose nativity

Lobby Fireplace
The fireplace in the Training Center lobby is warm and inviting.
Nutcrackers stand guard at the 2nd-floor elevators.

Lobby Tree Tall Tree

Center Dining Room
The decorations in our dining room are as exquisite as the meals that are served under them.

Side Dining Room Cross Toy Tree

Military tree
This tree was decorated by one of our employees to serve a military group that was staying here at The Cove. It is covered with all sorts of tasty goodies.
Billy Graham and decor
These decorations found on the 1st floor are centered around the Bible.
Tree Cutting
You will see a tree-cutting inspired scene just before the gatehouse on your way out of The Cove.

May your days be merry and bright this blessed Christmas season!

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot- Cove Christmas Decor”

  1. So grateful for how we were so lovingly cared for in the snow storm. Thought we might get snowed in but Will shoveled out our car in the parking lot. And Veritas totally inspired us in worship of our Lord Jesus. Thank you Michelle too for your encouragement! And Audrey and all who made sure we were safe. We will be back.

    1. Jean, we are so thankful to be able to serve you and the other wonderful guests this last weekend. Will loved being of service, too. If you couldn’t tell, he loves the snow. : )
      We look forward to your return. Bless you and Merry Christmas!

  2. We were up there last Saturday to eat dinner and see the concert. The ladies were absolutely awesome. we bught the Christmas CD. I have to go to Ruth’s Attic every time we go, always buys things. Love the Christmas time at the Cove.
    we will be back for Search For Jesus Conference 2018.
    The Cove is a place of Spiritual time with Jesus, thank you

    1. We’re so glad you enjoyed your time here, Carol! We look forward to your return next year. Bless you! Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful decorations! They warm my spirit. When are you arriving at my house to decorate!?!

  4. Decorations are breathtaking and beautiful and lovely.
    Can’t wait to see all of it this week for concert.
    It is always so inspiring and refreshing and fulfilling to be at The Cove.
    Thank all of you for working so hard
    To make it happen.
    Love you. Faye

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