Saturday Snapshot — Bears Requesting Recipes

Is anyone else amazed that we are almost five full months into 2017? How time flies!  Let this be a reminder to us all to slow down and enjoy the special moments that God arranges throughout our days.

Here are a few of those moments captured from our neck of the woods…

Rhody in all her glory!

rhododendrum May 2017

Our guests are always pleased when Blue Cheese Bread Pudding is on the menu.  It truly is scrumptious!
blue cheese bread pudding from Doug for april 1 post

This curious creature is trying to get a peek in the Training Center’s dining room windows. Her body language told us that she’d like the recipe for the blue cheese bread pudding to share with her family. We certainly do share the recipe…if you’re interested, here it is.

Bear leaning on tree May 2017

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — Bears Requesting Recipes”

  1. Rhody and blue cheese ,
    if that doesn’t make you happy , please
    bear may be playing hide and seek
    she’s kindly , wants to make it easy on you , could be !

  2. I am so happy I will be there three days next week for Blackabys. Love the photos. Thank you. No place like The Cove. Holy ground

    1. We might just want to build you a cabin and you could become a permanent resident, Faye! : )
      We always love having you here with us! Have a great week.

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