Saturday Snapshot — An Easter Psalm

Our resident Psalmist has been busy writing again!  Quinn Graham — Will Graham’s son, and Billy Graham’s great-grandson, is sharing a Psalm he wrote about spring and Jesus.


Quinn Spring Easter Psalm for blog 2017 smaller

Quinn said that if you’d like to print out his Spring Easter Psalm, you are welcome to.  Click here for a printable version.

Have a blessed Easter, friends!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — An Easter Psalm”

  1. This precious young man is so very gifted at Christian writing!
    He has done such a beautiful job on this Easter psalm!

    I remember reading Quinn’s work, in the past, on this website, and his work is very beautiful, very meaningful, very good!

    Besides the blessing of young people wanting to be like their parents and grandparents, there must surely be some kind of genetic reason, another miracle done by our Lord, for these Grahams turning out so well, generation after generation!

    Of course, Quinn probably has some of the best parents and grandparents ever, who have worked very hard to give him such wonderful upbringing in a loving and happy family.

    Wishing Quinn, and all of the Grahams, as well as all Cove staff a Happy Easter!

  2. Thank you, Quinn! That was a thoughtful and encouraging psalm about spring and Easter! And especially Jesus. Happy Easter!

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