Saturday Snapshot – A devotional

Today, we have a real treat for you!  Not just a snapshot, but a video.  Our grounds maintenance supervisor, Lucas, is sharing a special devotional with us today.  See how he explains how God’s pruning in our lives is like the pruning of a rose bush.

We hope this will be an encouragement to you today, whether you are in a season of dormancy, growth, or somewhere in between.

Click here if you don’t see the video in your browser.

We hope to see you in person at The Cove this year.  Click here to see what’s going on.

11 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – A devotional”

  1. Wow! So very special. I hope he will show us the fruit born of his pruning. I have just arrived home from the Cove and to see this wonderful message is so encouraging. I have had a special Personal Spiritual Retreat. I feel so renewed and filled by the Spirit with the wonderful time with my Lord, and all of the staff at The Cove are so kind and helpful, my family. They fill my heart with joy. I met there wonderful couples around the table at meal time and I rejoice at the experience I have had there. Love all of you so much.

    1. Faye, we are so glad to hear you enjoyed your retreat here at The Cove. We look forward to your next visit. Bless you, dear sister!

  2. This is so very beautiful and so very meaningful! So true!

    Only problem is, I can hardly hear it. Adjusted everything, on this end – is there anything you can do, on that end, to make it a little louder?

    Thanks so very much!

  3. If funds for microphones, etc. are not in this year’s budget, just let me know, and I would be happy to help…

    Would never criticize, was just letting you know my needs…

    Thanks so very much! Please know of our prayers for you, in all that you do.

  4. Since the Cove Webcam has been down for many weeks now, this posting is so welcome for those of us who visit it each day. They say it is a problem caused by transferring everything to a new server, and that there is no way of knowing how long it will be until the webcam is working again.

    Could there be others, on the staff there, who might enjoy
    giving their testimony, in the beautiful surroundings of The Cove, just as this young man has? Could this serve as a morale booster for staff, as well as a blessing for your viewers?

    1. Janie, we just had news today that our webcam problem is going to be fixed soon. It is a glorious today at The Cove and we look forward to sharing Springtime with you soon. Great idea on sharing other’s testimonies…we will keep that in mind should others be led to share. We filmed a beautiful couple minutes at our chapel today. If you’re on Facebook, you can view the video there. If not, we will share another song here on the blog this weekend. Bless you and thank you for writing in!

  5. Loved the video of the young people singing in the chapel – looking forward to the promised video this weekend… : > )

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