Saturday Snapshot — A Behind The Scenes Peek at Our Video Shoot

This week we were working on a new promotional video for The Cove.  This is to update the current video (you can see it here) for our Guest Groups area of ministry.

Wondering what a Guest Group is?

A Guest Group is a group that holds their own conference, retreat, or ministry event at The Cove.  They come with their own agenda, their own program, and their own speakers, and we provide the meeting space, the inn rooms and the delicious food.

Groups tell us, time and again, that The Cove is the perfect, distraction-free place for them to come and accomplish their ministry goals.  Our dedicated event planners make it a point to take care of all the details, so that when our groups come, they can get right down to what it is that God is leading them to do.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes pictures of the filming.

Gigi Graham greeting guests as they arrive at the Training Center.   If you’ve been here, you’ve probably been greeted by Gigi, either at the front door or in the dining room.  She loves meeting Cove guests and extending the warm Graham-family welcome.

GG video promo shoot Gigi greeting guests sm

Guests love spending time on the Training Center deck.  With tables, rocking chairs, and mountain views, who wouldn’t?

GG video promo shoot deck people at table sm

GG video promo shoot back deck of TC sm

Yep, we brought the drone back out!  The drone captured some great aerial video of the Training Center, the Chapel, the front gate, and our private cabin road.

GG video promo shoot drone off back deck sm

The Cove dining experience is a delicious one.  The tables in the dining room are round with Lazy-Suzans in the center of each.  Mrs. Graham loved a round table and she said that the Lazy Suzan helped keep her children competitive.  ; )

GG video promo shoot dining room sm

Our chef, Douglas Walls, and his team prepare wonderful menus of fresh, delicious food.  Here we caught him in action, doing what he does best.

GG video promo shoot kitchen chef cutting onion

Zucchini and squash ready to be roasted.  Yum!

GG video promo shoot zucchini and squash sm

Potato salad anyone?  You can probably tell from the amount of potatoes in the mixer, but to give you a different perspective, this mixer is about 4 feet tall!

GG video promo shoot potato salad sm

At the end of every day, our guests will find a warm and inviting guest room to lay their heads down.  This is a shot of guests checking in at Pilgrim’s Inn.

GG video promo shoot checking in at PI July 2017 sm

We look forward to sharing the new Guest Group promotional video with you later this year or early January 2018.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Are you a Christian church or non-profit ministry looking for a place to hold your conference, retreat or ministry event?  Click here for more information on holding your event at The Cove.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — A Behind The Scenes Peek at Our Video Shoot”

  1. It is just awesome to have time away at The Cove. The food is beyond delicious. The facility has so much to offer it must be experienced to fully appreciate it. Beautiful photos. GiGi is
    Always so special to meet. All the staff are so wonderful.

  2. It is always such a pleasure, when Gigi is able to attend these seminars, to be greeted by her! The first time she shook my hand, I felt like I was going to pass out, when I realized who she was! She makes folks feel so very welcome! I know that her dad must be so very proud of her and of all the good work she is doing at The Cove.

    Sometimes she presents a segment where she talks about growing up in the home of Dr. Billy and Ruth Graham, and these are absolutely priceless! She is so very funny, and yet she relays, through the telling of stories, what life was really like for her, growing up with these incredible holy parents!

    I was just thinking that, if Will Graham ever feels the call to full-time ministry, Gigi has such a heart for what goes on at The Cove, she would make a great Director there! Of course, Will Graham is doing a great job and nobody would want him to leave!

    Thank you, Gigi, for all you mean to so many people, including myself!

    1. Martie, thank you for your kind words. We will pass them along to Gigi–we know she will appreciate it. We agree that her daddy must be very proud of her. She has such a beautiful heart for ministry. Always appreciate your input here on the blog. : )

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