Saturday Snapshot

Within hours of a devastating natural disaster, there are Christian men and women who arrive at the scene ready to help physically restore what was destroyed.  These same men and women have a heart to share the love of Jesus Christ with the people facing grief and uncertainty.

This weekend the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Site Management Team and many of their volunteers will receive special training during their annual retreat at The Cove.

Please pray for their safety during training exercises (yes, there will even be chainsaw training!) as well as that they will find time to rest and feel the presence of God.    

IMG_3718 small
Helping in Jesus’ Name
IMG_3713 small chainsaws
Cabinets filled with chainsaws. Everything has its place.
IMG_3715 small tools
Drawers filled with tools. You never know what you will need while working in a devastated area.


IMG_3712 small
The most important book ever printed. Bibles are given out in the name of Jesus Christ.
small cabinet list
Everything has its place. An organizer’s dream come true!
IMG_3719 small kitchen
Staff and volunteers are fed two hot meals each day from a kitchen trailer like this. They are also provided with lunch fixins to pack a lunch each day.

Click here for information on Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief projects and volunteer opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot”

  1. You guys do awesome work in the name of JESUS, thanks. I’m 59 semi-retired and looking for a Way to make a difference in peoples lives thru JESUS name.20 years ago the LORD layed in upon my heart to go to Samaritans Purse–I failed to do that. Anyone there that reads this and could possibly help me with this calling,please help and old reprobate make amends. I live 30 minutes from Boone. Praise JESUS CHRIST, Lord & Savior.

  2. 20 years ago, the LORD layed it on my heart to go to SP–I failed. Anyone who reads this and can help an old repobate make amends,plese FB me.I live 30 min from Boone.Praise to JESUS CHRIST, Lord & Savior.

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