Ruth’s Attic Bookstore Spotlight – Inspiration for Your Home


Autumn is here with bright colors splashed here and there and cooler breezes falling all around us. On days like these, you want to be cozy; and home is the coziest place to be. That’s why we’re sharing some lovely products from Ruth’s Attic Bookstore at The Cove that are bound to give you ideas for your home and encourage to grow closer to the Lord.

Whether you purchase in person, or call and have us deliver right to your home, we hope you will find something that will encourage you, or be the suitable gift for someone special in your life.

Each of these products is a great reminder of how our Creator God loves and comforts us.

Scripture Stone
This Scripture Stone is quarried near Ephesus and is scripted with encouraging verses ($10.50 SKU:HB-560).
These spoons are sure to bring your joy while you cook ($9.00 SKU: 703800061621).
This palette inspired frame with beautifully painted scripture is bound to encourage your soul ($55.00 SKU:656200254455).
Garden Flag
This garden flag adds a touch of beauty to your home outdoors ($10.00 SKU:096069464952).
These distressed birdhouses would look nice in any home (Blue birdhouse $49.50 SKU: 089945575712, Church birdhouse $22.00 SKU:63909 Nest with eggs $6.00 SKU: 844557006616).
Give Thanks Picture
This picture is a great reminder to give thanks to our Lord ($54.00 SKU:10015647024).

Since Christmas is just around the corner, we wanted to share just a few favorite Christmas products that are found in Ruth’s Attic Bookstore. Each product is a reminder of why we celebrate such a blessed season.

Red Birds
These adorable ornaments would add a nice splash of red on your tree or around your home this Christmas (Cardinal lantern $6.00 SKU: 8994557915, Red Bird $3.75 SKU:8994553010).
The detail of this nativity is a lovely reminder of the birth of Christ ($30.50 SKU:08994558135).
The detail of this nativity is a lovely reminder of the birth of Christ ($30.50 SKU:08994558135).
This birch wood JOY would brighten up any table or shelf ($15.00 SKU:18538).
Ladder Christmas Tree
This white-wash ladder Christmas tree would be a nice decoration for any wall along with the Silent Night canvas. (Christmas tree $35.00 SKU:089945574548, Silent Night picture $26.00 SKU: 1080209).
These festive spatulas would make a great stocking stuffer! (Both $9.00 O Come Let Us Adore Him SKU: 703800054821, Happy Birthday Jesus SKU:703800054944)

To order any of the products seen on this post, you may either purchase on-property at Ruth”s Attic Bookstore, by phone at 1-800-950-2092 (menu 3) or by email at

God bless you!


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