Saturday Snapshot — A Psalm About God’s Purpose For You

Twelve-year-old Quinn Graham (Billy Graham’s great-grandson) is at it again.  Now a published author (Quinn’s Book of Psalms was published in December 2017 and gifted by him to his parents for Christmas), he’s kicking off the new year with a psalm titled, God’s Purpose For You.

Won’t it be interesting to see how God continues to use Quinn’s gifts in the years to come!

Print the psalm now.

In case you were wondering, Quinn does give you permission to print and share as God leads you.

To read more of Quinn’s psalms, click here.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — A Psalm About God’s Purpose For You”

  1. Quinn has put a great deal of thought into this one!

    He shows great understanding of the nature of God, for a twelve year old boy!

    I was delighted, over the holidays, to see photos of him, with his grandfather and others, handing out Christmas boxes to underprivileged children in another country.

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