Pastor Saeed Abedini Finds Rest at The Cove

Many of you have asked how Pastor Saeed Abedini is since his release from imprisonment in Iran.  It has been a pleasure to host him here at The Cove for a much needed time of rest and a chance to reconnect with family.

While here, Saeed told Franklin Graham that “he is not angry and he is not bitter about his imprisonment—but he is tremendously thankful for his freedom and to be back in the United States.”

Greata Van Susteren traveled to Asheville to interview Pastor Abedini in our beautiful chapel.

Pastor Abedini chapel interview jan 25 2016

Click here for more behind-the-scenes photos.

To view the video interview click here.

We appreciate your continued prayers for Pastor Abedini and his family in the coming weeks and months.


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3 thoughts on “Pastor Saeed Abedini Finds Rest at The Cove”

  1. I am part of a group of christian men who if Pastor Abedini is in need of support, legally or otherwise, we would joyfully and prayerfully help financially and in any way we can. We do not know however how to get in touch with him or his parents in order to best meet his needs. Please feel free to use the email address I have entered if we can be of help. Thank you. In Christ Jesus, Robert

  2. Thank God that he was released from his Iranian captors. My prayers are with him. Is there any way to get in contact with his family to pass on our support in this time of base treachery from his wife, or to contribute to his legal fund for the oncoming divorce battle?

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