My Best Friend: Quinn Graham

We have a modern-day psalmist on our hands:  Quinn Graham, Will Graham’s son and Billy Graham’s great-grandson, has written a special  psalm to share. This one, entitled “My Best Friend,” was inspired by Quinn’s  friendship with Mr. Chuck…

My Best Friend

(For my best friend Mr. Chuck)

Who is the best friend anyone can ever have?

He cares for me when I am alone

He gives me wonderful gifts which I don’t deserve

He does many more things for me, yet I can only give back little

All I can do for him is vacuum and clean his house that isn’t really dirty

In return he gives me amazing gifts like a robot set

He loves God very much

He loves me very much

And I love him very much

For he is my best friend

I will always be a faith friend to him

Because he is also a faithful friend to me

Mr. Chuck has shown me more friendship than I have ever seen

Thank you, Mr. Chuck, for being the best friend anyone can have!

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7 thoughts on “My Best Friend: Quinn Graham”

  1. To have a best friend like Mr Chuck, is very special indeed!
    Sounds like a good team to me!
    You Quinn love God and so does Mr Chuck. Wow what a beautiful friendship! God bless you, and God bless Mr. Chuck.
    Prayers going your way!

  2. you are very lucky to have such a good friend as Mr. Chuck and he is very lucky to have you as his friend…. take care of each other as God takes care of you…….

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