Miracles: A Psalm by Quinn Graham

We have a modern-day psalmist on our hands:  Quinn Graham, Will Graham’s son and Billy Graham’s great-grandson, has written a special  psalm to share. This one, entitled “Miracles,” was inspired by a message Quinn recently heard his dad preach. Enjoy this reminder that God is always working on our behalf.  Miracles are all around us!

Miracles happen all the time

We may see it or not

Miracles happen to you every day

We just need to open our eyes

Miracles aren’t coincidences

Coincidences have no meaning

But miracles have a meaning

You may wonder how you can tell if it’s a miracle or not

All you need to do is open your eyes

Open your eyes so that you can see what God really does

Open your eyes so that you may see the kingdom of heaven

God does miraculous things

We just don’t see them all time

Miracles happen everyday

To you, me, your friend, or maybe even the haters of God

God does miracles for everyone

Miracles change our lives

By: Quinn Graham

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4 thoughts on “Miracles: A Psalm by Quinn Graham”

  1. So true we all need to open our eyes to see what the Lord is doing. I am blessed reading this now i need to share it thank you

  2. We need to be aware of God’s presence in our daily lives. Thanks be to God for everything he does for us!!

  3. What a wonderful thing it is, when a young man, like Quinn, loves and admires his father so very much that he seeks to emulate him!

    We are praying for the success of Reverend Will Graham’s crusades in Australia. How we wish these sermons could be live streamed, as the Johnson City sermons were! May our Lord prepare the hearts of all who will attend, that they may be open to receive Him!

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