Kendra’s Bible Study…Joshua 9:7-15

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study.  This is a place where women can come together and share their journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity.  We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!

Kendra suggests you use the following process when studying Scripture.  We have included an example of this process from John 1:1.

Step 1:  Pray
Step 2: Read God’s Word (look at the passage)
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  
Step 3: What Does God’s Word Say? (list the facts)
1 In the beginning the Word was with God and was God.
Step 4: What Does God’s Word Mean? (learn the lessons)
1 God‘s Word is not just ancient philosophy, it is eternal Truth.
Step 5: What Does God’s Word Mean to Me? (listen to his voice)
1 How do I view the Bible?

Kendra Graham NOTES from Joshua 9:7-15 

What does it Say? FACTS:

7: Israel said to the Hivites: Perhaps you are living within our land how shall we make a covenant with you?

8: a. BUT they said to Joshua, “We are your servants.”

     b. Joshua said to them: “Who are you and where do you come from?”

9-10: They said, “Your servants have come from a far country because of the fame of your God; we heard the report of all He did in Egypt, and to the kings beyond the Jordan.

11: So our elders and inhabitants spoke: Take provisions  for the journey and go and meet them and say, we are your servants, make a covenant with us.”

12: This our bread was warm when we took it for provisions on the day we left to come to you, but now is dry and crumbled

13: These wineskins were new behold they are torn, our clothes, our sandals worn out because of the very long journey

14: SO the men of Israel took some of their provisions and did not ask for the counsel of the LORD. 

15: And Joshua made peace with w/ them, a covenant, to let them live, and the leaders swore an oath to them. 

What does it mean? Lessons:

7. The Israelites, I think had a feeling, had questions in their gut, who these guys really were…..  they pressed them for an answer…. who are you… really?  Israel knew that God said not to make a covenant with anyone within the land, they knew the rules, but their eyes were seeing something very believable, their ears were hearing something very believable.  Discernment is something given by God and must be sought out from God. Our senses and emotions will betray us.

8. a. BUT they said to Joshua…. notice they did not answer the question…. where is Gibbs from NCIS on this one? Or “The Closer” right?  Flattery and compliments from the enemy.  Notice the enemy answers Joshua, not the leaders who asked the question, looking for who the softy is perhaps?  I wouldn’t think it would be Joshua.  They are trying to divide the leader from his counsel.  The enemy loves to divide and conquer, be alert.  Often times the enemy will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

b. Joshua presses for an answer to the leaders’ question, who are you?  Stand your ground.  Be firm.  Don’t be deceived.  Seek discernment from the One who gives wisdom upon request.

9-10:  There is STILL no answer to the question.  A far country is not WHAT country.  Notice now they brought up Egypt and the kings beyond the Jordan, but cleverly left out the most recent victories, so again as to “verify” their story.  They were sure to comment on how “far” the fame of the LORD had reached.  People are clever… the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9  Be careful of the flattery of others.

11:  The Gibeonites had no wish to fight Israel, they were just wanting a promise that they would not be destroyed, and they would be more than happy to be their servants, their slaves.  Be careful what you promise and to whom. Your word is your bond.  Your word reflects on the God you serve.  Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.

12-13. Be careful, what things appear to be, are not always what they are in reality.  Only God can give insight, so ask Him who gives wisdom liberally!  When someone is pushing me to believe something…. especially when they want me to believe it NOW and ACT NOW, and SIGN NOW, be wary.

14:  They believed their eyes, ears and touch.  Things are not always what they seem.  Times when we don’t think we need to seek counsel of the LORD are probably the very times we most need to seek the counsel of the LORD.

15:  Be careful of the promises I make.  Covenants should not be taken lightly.  My word is my bond, so be careful what situations and  people I bond myself to.

What does it mean to me?

7: Am I quick to believe all I see and hear, or am I seeking God on all things, even when the answer seems obvious to me, right in front of my eyes?

8: a. Am I quick to believe flattery and words that tickle my ears and ego?  Am I alert to the tactics of the enemy?  When has the enemy used the tactic “divide and conquer” in my life?  Was it successful?  Did I learn from that?  Was I bamboozled or wise?

8: b. Am I in prayer for discernment?  Am I quick to believe what I hear so I won’t have to press in any longer?  I hate confrontation, but am I willing to hold strong and face up or am I quick to crumble and just believe what I hear because it is easier?

9-10:  When have I been moved by the flattery of someone else to do something I normally would not do?  Have I used flattery to get my way?  Is that right?

11: Do I flippantly make promises with people or am I careful and prayerfully consider the covenants I make?  Is my word my bond, or an avenue to get what I want?

12-13: Am I quick to believe what I see?  Do I rely on my own senses to make decisions or do I prayerfully consider all things?

14: In whom do I trust? Myself? Circumstances?  Or am I constantly seeking God’s counsel?  Am I quickly making decisions, or patiently seeking and waiting for God’s answers? 

15: Have I impatiently made promises to do things, and be places that I never consulted God about?  Everything seemed right on the surface, but after I was committed I knew it wasn’t right?  Am I impulsive in my decisions?


Take everything to God in prayer.  Wait for God to clearly reveal His wisdom on the matter then have the guts to follow through with His leading.

Homework for next week: Joshua 9: 16-21

Share with us your lesson(s) and applications and what they mean to you. 
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13 thoughts on “Kendra’s Bible Study…Joshua 9:7-15”

  1. Hey Kendra! I have something I want to ask you but don’t necessarily think it needs to be on this site. If you can, will you shoot me a private email? I’m sure you value your privacy so if there is another address I can write to you more privately at instead, that will be fine too. Thanks!

    BTW, thanks again for continuing this study for gals like me. There is fruit from it, I assure you! ♥

    1. Glad to have you on board, Dawn! We hope you will join in the conversation. Lots of iron sharpening iron going on here! Blessings!

  2. I enjoyed the bible study with you Kendra! Thank You so much for sharing with all of us! I look forward to more bible studies!!! :0)

  3. Kendra; Thanks for having this Bible study online. It is easy, fun and just what I need in my life right now
    Looking forward to more Bible studies with you.

    1. Evelyn, we are so glad you are enjoying the study and it fits your needs! Blessings to you!

  4. I posted some thoughts on v.7-8 in the last post so it may sound like I’m repeating myself.

    v.7 Israel to the Hivites: “How can we make a covenant with you? Perhaps you dwell among us.

    There are many among us who profess to want what we have as Christians but only want to be a part because it benefits their selfish wants. Maybe they join churches/small groups for emotional reasons or to belong. They possibly get caught up in the moment without a clear understanding of God’s truths. Israel didn’t take the direct approach and ask where the men were from.

    How can I help those who just “go to church” want to “be the church”? Do I let others affect my judgement about God’s work and how does it affect me?

    v.8 Joshua said, “Who are you and where do you come from?”

    Joshua didn’t ask for wisdom and discernment from God. We have to seek wisdom from God when making choices and decisions. Joshua didn’t take time to talk to his elders and leaders nor did he take time to pray and ask God for wisdom. Seek God first. Ask for wisdom.

    How can I be an example to others on seeking wisdom from God? Do others recognize that God is first in my life?

    Sometimes our loved ones stray so far away we don’t even recognize them. Maybe we should be asking, “Who are you? Tell me where you’ve been and what’s happening in your life?”

    What questions should I be asking others and especially my loved ones who have strayed from God? What would be gained by asking them questions about what’s going on in their lives?

    v.9 They said, “We have come from a very far country because of the name of the LORD your God; we have heard of His fame and all that He did in Egypt.”

    People have heard of the name of the LORD and His fame. One day EVERYONE WILL HEAR the name of the LORD and what He has done! Glory! Yet, some people will say what they think you want to hear to gain your favor. Partial truths from the Bible can be dangerous.

    What else can I do to proclaim the name of the LORD and spread His fame to others? Am I reaching out beyond my home, church, and workplace? Am I careful to listen to what people say when they speak about God and what He has done?

    v.10 All that He did to the kings beyond the Jordan.

    The works of the LORD reach beyond what we can even imagine.

    Am I gaining a vision for God’s work to go beyond my limited thinking or am I still hanging on to unbelief?

    v.11 Our elders and all the inhabitants of our country spoke, “Take provisions for the journey, meet them, and say, ‘We are your servants, make a covenant with us.'”

    The Gibeonites were claiming to be servants of Israel, yet they wanted to make a covenant. They wanted Israel to make a binding agreement pledging to perform some service for one another.

    Have I made a covenant, a binding agreement, with someone, knowing that it’s not in the will of God? Am I putting service to others before my service to God?

    v.12-13 This bread we took hot on the day we departed. But now look, it is dry and moldy. These wineskins were new and they are torn. Our garments and sandals have become old.

    Deception leads to more deceptions. Small lies can turn into big lies.

    Am I careful about lying? Do I take even small lies seriously?

    v.14 The men of Israel took some of their provisions, but they did not ask counsel of the LORD.

    Moses had warned the people to “Set your hearts on all the words which I testify among you today, which you shall command your children to be careful to observe – all the words of this law. For it is not a futile thing for you, because it is your life, and by this word you shall prolong your days in the land which you cross over the Jordan to possess.” Deut. 32:46-47

    What am I taking from this world without first seeking God’s counsel?

    v.15 Joshua made peace with them and a covenant to let them live. The rulers swore to them.

    Joshua was deceived by the Gibeonites into letting them live and gave them protection even though God had banned them to be slaughtered.

    Am I easily swayed by people just because of what they say and how they say it? Do I look for the truth when others speak about spiritual things or do I blindly accept their thoughts without looking into God’s Word?

    May I today begin to be diligent to seek Your counsel and not be swayed by opinions. May I use Your Word to speak truth. I see Your wisdom and guidance. Help me to be on guard against the wiles of the enemy. Thank you that Your Great Name will be proclaimed to all the nations!
    In Jesus’ name,

    1. Kay,
      You wrote: “There are many among us who profess to want what we have as Christians but only want to be a part because it benefits their selfish wants. Maybe they join churches/small groups for emotional reasons or to belong. They possibly get caught up in the moment without a clear understanding of God’s truths. Israel didn’t take the direct approach and ask where the men were from. ” Been there; done that!

      Also, you wrote: “Am I easily swayed by people just because of what they say and how they say it? Do I look for the truth when others speak about spiritual things or do I blindly accept their thoughts without looking into God’s Word?” Thankfully I am not as naive as I used to be. It’s studies like this, reflections from women who KNOW these lessons from personal experience and take the time to share their stories that have helped me to continue to grow.

      Thanks for all that you do and write, Kay! I appreciate you!☺

  5. Good morning! Here are my jumbled thoughts for this lesson.

    Verse 7
    The men of Israel said to the Hivites “Perhaps you are living within our land; how shall we make a covenant with you?

    We aren’t sure you belong here so why would we make a covenant with you?

    Be careful. Just because someone says they are a part of a group/congregation/etc doesn’t mean that they are there with the right intentions. How can I be more discerning?

    Verse 8
    They said to Joshua “We are your servants.” Joshua said to them, “Who are you and where do you come from?”

    They told Joshua that they wanted to serve him. He again asked who they were and where they came from.

    Again, beware. So many folks want to “help us” but their motives cannot always be determined. How easily are my ears tickled when someone offers to assist me?

    Verse 9
    They said “Your servants have come from a far country because of the fame of the LORD your God; we have heard the report of Him and all that He did in Egypt,

    When others hear that God is working in a certain place, they want in on the action as well.

    So many of us are looking for a place where our talents can be used instead of remaining stagnant where we are at now. How easily can I be played when someone offers praise about past moments of victory?

    Verse 10
    and all that He did to the two kings of the Amorites, to Sihon king of Heshbon and to Og king of Ashtaroth.

    God’s fame was spread all over the land.

    When great men are affected by God’s power, the audience is great to see this work become evident in their own lives. Why are folks so anxious to think that we can have what others have just be being near them, breathing their air, and so on?

    Verse 11
    our elders and all the inhabitants spoke to us, saying, ‘Take provisions in your hand for the journey, go to meet them and say to them, “We are your servants; make a covenant with us.”’

    People will justify their own motives by placing their requests in a more official capacity. Taking care of one’s self tends to sweeten the other’s disposition when the appearance is to make the other believe that there is no personal desire for personal gain involved. “Let’s all just work together for the common good.”

    These men used partial truths to try to weasel their way into the good graces of the ones who are enjoying victory at the moment. The need for affirmation from someone who “matters,” who is more important than ordinary old John Q Public feeds on our own desire to be famous, to be noticed. What is it about getting our reward on earth rather than in heaven that causes so many of us to cave to immediate gratification?

    Verse 12
    our bread was warm when we took it for our provisions on the day that we left to come to you; but now it is dry and has become crumbled.

    Our intentions were good but it was just such a long journey to get here.

    What lies do I use to convince others that I did “my best” to prepare something but then the devil hindered me from coming with my best and instead I can only over crumbs rather than real nourishment?

    Verse 13
    These wineskins were new, and behold, they are torn; our clothes and sandals are worn out because of the long journey.”

    Let’s make my story even more sad. “I just about wore myself out trying to get to meeting on time. I didn’t even take time to fix my hair or change my clothes or eat supper.” Mmn hmn. Excuses excuses.

    What do I do to make others feel sorry for me, to make them think I have tried so hard to get to Bible Study but just didn’t have time to get all of my lessons done because my kid was sick, my oil needed changed, blah blah blah?

    Verse 14
    the men of Israel took some of their provisions, and did not ask for the counsel of the LORD.

    Because we can be so convincing in our endeavors to portray that we are trying to do right—and because for the most part most of us want to believe the best about one another—we forget to check these souls out and just accept them and their stories with open arms.

    In an effort to not hurt someone’s feelings, have I without seeking God first, just taken their story, their “offering” and blindly taken them in? There is much danger in not seeking God’s direction when bonding and accepting someone who has not been proven.

    Verse 15
    Joshua made peace with them and made a covenant with them, to let them live; the leaders of the congregation swore an oath to them.

    Joshua wasn’t thinking clearly and made a promise that may come back to haunt him.

    Again, too often we just want to see the good in folks, especially after we have enjoyed a great victory (such as a fruitful revival, great Bible School turnout, a Christmas or Easter play that reached the community, etc). As a result, we reach out to all and don’t think, don’t remember that we are where we are because of the wisdom that God has previously taught us through hard lessons. I often get carried away with the excitement of a new group, a new study, a new ministry. How can I remind myself that the times of growth I experience are a result of hard work, not easy wins that came with little effort from my part? How can I not forget that without God leading me I will be in the valley again rather than enjoying the mountaintop jubilation?

  6. Kendra, you wrote: “8: b. Am I in prayer for discernment? Am I quick to believe what I hear so I won’t have to press in any longer? I hate confrontation, but am I willing to hold strong and face up or am I quick to crumble and just believe what I hear because it is easier?”

    For me, in the past, I have tended to be the other way, enjoying confrontation, laying it all out on the line, and bearing my soul. I tried to force my convictions, my truths, my thoughts on others and the result was not pretty. Discernment is what I long for, what I am slowly but surely obtaining, but because of past times when I was too quick to try to impress my beliefs on others, I am not sure that I will be given another opportunity to show these changes in me, these growths that have taken place. It is so vital that we think before we speak! Why oh why can we not learn from the wisdom of others instead of making our own mistakes?!

    Sigh. In the end, it all works out. The past cannot be re-lived, cannot be replayed on the silver screen and edited for content like the movies we see on the television that show this disclaimer. Oh Lord God, please help me and others to be wise, to be gentle, and to have Your Words not only in our hearts but also as the forefront in our minds so that we might better serve you. Amen.

  7. Hi online girls!
    I am at “crunch time” at the preschool, trying to get the last little scrap books and such wrapped up, so this is posted a little late…(I actually had the study finished on time though), just couldn’t get to the computer to have a minute to set down. Okay here goes:

    v.7 Isreal said to the Hivites, Perhaps you live near us, how can we make a treaty with you?
    v.8 “We are your servants” they said to Joshua. “Who are you and where do you come from?” asked Joshua
    v.9 “We came from a very distant country b/c of the fame of the LORD your God. We have heard about all He did in Egypt.” they said
    v.10 (also) we heard all he did to the 2 Kings of the Amorites.
    v.11 Our elders & EVERYBODY in the country said, Take provisions for your journey & and make a treaty.
    v.12,13 Bread was (when they left)…fresh. Now dry and moldy.Wineskins,clothes same thing. Were new…now see how cracked/worn-out they are from the journey.
    v.14 The men of Israel sampled their stuff but did not inquire of the Lord.
    v.15 Then Joshua made a treaty with them to let them live…by oath, leaders agreed.


    v.7 We are not wrong to question things that come to us as charity. It might be trickery. We must use the guiding of the Holy Spirit to discern if you are being fooled.
    v.8 People will tell you anything to get what they want from you for themselves. Joshua started out on the right foot by ? them.
    v.9 They had a very well thought out plan, a “good” lie, if you will.They threw in some compliments, as well to “tickle the ears.”
    v.10 WHAT they said might be a hint to the lie. They began to name details that a foreigner might not know (Like the 2 Kings and where they reigned) Maybe they were talking too much. If you listen long enough people will trap themselves in their own false-ness. Be on guard of acting too hasty.
    v.11 They used terms and influence that might have “impressed”
    v.12 They even had something you could physically see to “prove” their story-TRICK!!
    v.13 If Satan were not sneaky and clever he would not be Satan, and this lie was both sneaky and clever! We must watch what pulls on our heart. Take it to the lord every time.
    v.14 This says it ALL. They checked out the “evidence” but thought very highly of their own judging skills, TOO highly, and it cost them. Maybe they thought “We walked away with a HUGE v-i-c-t-o-r-y last battle, not to mention Jerico. This is soooo cut-n-dry…too easy…we don’t even have to pray about it. It is so obvious they need us big, tough warriors.” The devil dwells in pridefulness.
    v.15 I wonder if Joshua was swayed by the men of Israels’ great opinion. Maybe he caved under the pressure or maybe he was fooled too. Whichever it was, they ALL bought it. Poor Joshua, to be kicked down by a “fib” after He whooped an army just before that.

    -Do I do my research to see if the ‘good cause’ is the real deal? Do I go to God and get directions? Am I buying what the world is sells without question?
    -Do I let myself be dooped by a smooth talker? Do I keep asking until I see what God wants me to?
    -Am I buying the flattery of the enemy? Do I put to much credit into what others think?
    Do I let compliments go to my head and miss the deceit?
    -Do I pay attention to the details to see if I am being tricked or not?
    -Do I get hung up in the knowledge and/or importance of others and let that cloud my vision?
    -Do I believe EVERYTHING I see just b/c it looks like proof? BEWARE
    -Do I let my guard down against the devil?
    Do I see who the real enemy is? Do I act on impulse or let God lead me?
    -Do I ride on past victories? Am I stupid enough to think that I am the one who caused the victories? God gives victories.
    -Do I let others form my opinions?

    Oh Holy God please make us women of wisdom and discernment.Please help me to form my convictions off Your plumbline, the Word and the Holy Spirit.

    I hope everyone has a God blessed weak!!

  8. Stephanie, Thanks so much for your kind words. Your thoughts hit home with me. I’m so guilty of wanting to take the easy way and ignore that it takes hard work and diligence to carry out God’s work.

    Robin, your thoughts are always encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

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