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Kendra Graham notes from :  Luke 8:22-24

“Now on one of those days Jesus and His disciples got into a boat and He said to them, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.” So they launched out.  But as they were sailing along, He fell asleep; and a fierce gale of wind descended on the lake and they began to be swamped and to be in danger.  They came to Jesus and woke Him up, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!”  And He got up and rebuked the wind and the surging waves and they stopped, and it became calm.”

Step 1


Jesus and His disciples got into a boat. HE said go over to the other side of the lake.  They launched out.  As they were sailing, He fell asleep, a fierce wind descended, they began to be swamped, danger. They came to Jesus, “We are perishing” He rebuked the wind it became calm.

Step 2


The disciples of Jesus were fishermen from Capernaum.  Capernaum was a very religious Jewish community.  The people of Capernaum wanted to honor God, live for God, and follow all of God’s commands, so this particular community was very careful to keep themselves separate from the encroaching Roman territory.

Entrance to Capernaum for July 25 2017 post
Entrance to Capernaum
View of the other side from Capernaum for July 25 2017 post
View of the other side from Capernaum.

Across the waters from where these Jewish fishermen were living was an entirely different world, a Roman world.   Roman gods, Roman culture and the Roman worship of Cesar would be found across the Sea of Galilee.  To go across the sea to the other side is a big deal, and I think that fact is lost when we read these stories today.  It’s important to know that these fishermen would have NEVER “gone to the other side” for fear of being disobedient to God.  Capernaum was a placed that strived to be separate from the world, unto God.

Jesus said, once they were in the boat… “Hey, let’s go to the other side”.  GULP.  I LOVE that their response is…. “so they launched out.”  What obedience.  THAT STATEMENT IS A BIG DEAL… don’t miss it!  This shows the trust that these men, who were only fishermen — BIG TIME RULE FOLLOWERS — had in the leadership of Jesus.   No arguing, no debate, they launched out.  If Jesus is going to the other side, so are we.

Often I find myself on the shore having a 3 point debate on why launching out is not going to happen and is wrong.  Yes, I would and have argued with God…. a lot… surely I am not alone in that.

view from boat on sea of galilee for July 25 2107 post

Once they launched out, what happened?  WIND DESCENDS… the boat took on water! Huge gale force winds showed  these men that death was only a moment away!

Seriously, If you are one of those religious fishermen, what comes to mind if you are in that boat bailing water and thinking you are going to die?  Jonah?  Oh, we have read about a storm like this!!!!  Jonah was on his way to a place he should not have been, and so GOD sent a storm and a ginormous fish to turn his little body around.

SEE?!?!?!  God is trying to send us a message!  We should STAY AWAY FROM THE OTHER SIDE!  More SOLID reasons why NOT to follow Jesus on this journey! The other side with the Decapolis, the Roman gods, the paganism…. we have always been told to STAY away and here we are… we listened to this “Master” which means teacher with authority, or Rabbi, and has He lead us wrong?  We should have questioned Him on the shore!  We should have tried to talk Him out of it!  Jesus was wrong to tell us to do this, and now… now, look where we are!!!!

Sometimes, yes, God can send storms like Jonah to get our attention because we are veering hard away from where God has called us to…. but…. sometimes, God actually leads us personally into a storm in obedience.  When we follow Jesus and obey, the enemy will do anything he can to keep us from doing it.  Jesus, relentless for His handmade creation, is going over to the other side to claim one man back from the enemy.  Why would the enemy just let them go, and be ok with that?  The other side is PRIME ENEMY territory.  JESUS is to STAY AWAY, Hands OFF!  Right?  Of course there would be push back.  Instead of being surprised by it, we need to start expecting it.

The important thing to remember here is that it was not the disciples idea to go to the other side…. Jesus told them to.  When Jesus leads us, we are not going out alone because it sounds like a great idea, we are going out with Jesus in the lead.

When the storm hit, Jesus was right there to run to.  ANOTHER great decision by the disciples.  If we go out alone, or ahead of God, or in a different direction than God is leading… we have to go back to find Him… Jesus was RIGHT there…. in the bottom of the very boat, in the same location.  Jesus rebuked the wind, and soon they all found themselves on the other side where they were faced with another challenge to get out of the boat, in to the Roman world.  The disciples were being trained to trust Jesus in the places He leads and the people He leads them to.  Peter would eventually find himself being called to go to the Gentiles and eat their food (HARD for a Capernaum fisherman who knew and followed the Jewish law)….  so this lesson, on this day… on this sea… with Jesus physically with them was a very important lesson.  Jesus would go first, so later the others could go and do likewise.

How about you?  Would you have been caught in that storm, or would you have watched from the shore, careful to never launch out in the first place?  Do you immediately turn back at the first sign of difficulty, or do you trust that Jesus has gone before you and so as Jesus leads you will continue to go?  Are you in a sea of chaos today, knowing that Jesus has led you where you are, but things seem to be falling apart more so than falling into place?

Let’s pray for each other so that as we are hard pressed on every side we are not crushed.  To follow Jesus will mean taking up our cross and following Him… even into the storm.

Step 3


When have I known God was leading me somewhere and I refused to go because it just didn’t make sense?

When did I obey without question and walked right into a storm?  How did you see God work in your life through that storm?

Is there a testimony of obedience in a storm you would be willing to share to encourage others?


Ask God daily where He is leading you, and then ask for the faith, strength and courage to follow, whether it’s getting into a boat you don’t like, or out of a boat into a land you don’t want to go to.

How can we pray for you today?  Please share your requests so we can lift each other up as we follow Jesus in different directions together.

What Scripture are you studying now? What have you learned? How has the Lord spoke to you? Share with us in the comments section.

21 thoughts on “Kendra Graham’s Online Bible Study — Luke 8:22-24”

    1. I think it is very interesting that Jesus led them out knowing the storm was coming but He went with them. This is a real blessing to know that where ever He leads we are safe even if it means a storm.
      Thanks for the word
      God bless

  1. My brother is dying of cancer of the lungs and brain please Prayers I don’t know if he’s been blessed I don’t drive and I can’t see him so please pray for him thank you so very much and may God bless you always

    1. Bonnie, please know of the prayers of many who follow this website. May our Lord wrap his arms around you and comfort you with His love.

    2. Bonnie, we lift your brother in prayer for comfort and peace. Thank you for the privilege to pray for him and you. Blessings.

  2. I’ve heard some marching orders from God. I’d prefer doors open and shut because it is less costly and fewer flesh mistakes may be made. Ears that hear not be clogged or clogged and eyes that see to not desire or be distracted with flesh/ things of this world. Direction. Provision. Protection. God comforted and taught me from Psalm 27:1.

  3. That’s to say “clogged or clogged” – being distracted with listening to others instead of God or my own wanderings, fears or re-writes drowning out His voice. Like my spin on His directive…

    1. This is very interesting and maybe somewhat familiar, Jill; could you please clarify a little more for us, so that maybe some of us could learn something from what you are saying here?

  4. I am literal and when the LORD says, “Leave…” I believe He is talking to me. I “hear” Him. When I hear this over and over, I know I need to follow. It causes a stir when this affects more than just me. I’m actually trying to drag my family away from home and I am not quite sure where I’m going.

    God also directed me to do something (I believe) through a testimony that spoke to my circumstances… I converged the two directives (above and this one) and I don’t know if I should have; and more resistance.

    Then I begin to doubt, it costs, and doors appear closed. Then I doubt I’m hearing Him at all. Then I get very concerned because His sheep know His voice and follow.

    In my journey I find I get distracted from the actual purposes He said to go for in the first place… take focus off Him and it becomes too much about me. That verse, He must increase, I must decrease.

    Finally, I’m not fit for the task and must apply myself where necessary and realize in my weakness He is still strong.

    1. Jill, in similar circumstances, I find it best to give it time and more time. If something is of our Lord’s calling, He will not stop calling us. We just need to give it more time, so that we can be sure. Wouldn’t be prudent to make a move, when our feelings are this jumbled up. Need to just give it more time, okay?

  5. Thanks, Marty. It’s been some time and the message has repeated, confirmed. I know He said leave. I’ve ventured out. I just am wondering where to exactly and I may not know until we all set out. It’s a journey and I don’t want to lose focus with an alternative agenda, that’s a concern. And don’t want to make a wrong move, meaning to the wrong place. He’ll provide and guide…

  6. Martie,

    Would you pray that I have discernment and humility as I continue my walk with the Lord? My response to your advice was insistent-
    defensive. My apologies. I asked the Lord open or close this latest door if it’s not where the Lord would have me/us and I’d regroup. It did close today. I will keep looking to the Lord and want to obey.

    Thank you again. God bless you.

    1. Jill,
      I prayed for you the entire 5 miles of my run this morning. This is so hard. I wish I could tell you exactly what to do and it would be right… but alas… God is stretching you to trust Him and Him alone. #argh
      I love your heart.
      I see that your desire is to follow Jesus regardless of cost. You want to follow the call on your life.
      I hear the battle to follow. There will always be a battle to obey. The smallest or the largest act of obedience takes back a portion of this world from the prince of the power of the air and gives that power back to its rightful Owner. I love how you strive to flush out Truth and follow Jesus.
      I hear in your responses that you truly feel the call of God in a specific way according to His Word, not according to your word.
      I hear fear. Fear of lack of resources and ability. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind 2Tim 3:16. We can’t help it though… this shows that we are pressed into a dependent state. We hate being dependent on God, but love it too. In that dependence we see God work in MIGHTY ways, but on the other hand… we give up our control… I hate that… and love it. God always calls me to things that I am way under-qualified for and that make no sense. God does His best work this way and garnishes all the glory.
      My Aunt Anne Lotz always encourages me to ask for a verse of promise and when God gives me that verse, then I need to step out on HIS character and His faithfulness… and cling to it.
      Trust that God will lead you to where He is. I suspect you already have a verse.
      This is HARD HARD HARD. Closed doors vs open doors… not every open door is meant to go through and not every closed door should we walk away from. That clears it up, huh?! 🙂
      May God give you peace, strength and courage as you follow Him. May God bless you as you continue to walk and as you continue to be #partofTheStory. Phil. 1:6.
      I love the song by Madisa, “Born for This”. I clung to that during the study of Esther.
      #walkitout my friend! We are praying for you.

      1. Thank you so much, Kendra! for the gracious content to chew on. I was helped today and imagine this was answer to prayer. I am impressed with 5 miles! of running and grateful you prayed during that time for me!

    2. No offense taken, Jill. Please know of my continuing prayers for you. We have no way of knowing what your circumstances are, at the present time, but we are asking our Lord to lead you in ways that only He can. I pray that you will trust in Him and that He will keep you safe and secure, in all of your efforts to find and to do His will.

      Is there someone, there, where you live, possibly a pastor, in whom you could confide, who might know of ways to help you find your way? If you and your family are in an abusive situation, you need to reach out for help right away! God does not want us to place ourselves and our family in harm’s way!
      You could tell a pastor specifically what you are talking about here, and, responding to the realities of your situation, he could better help you find what to do next.

      Please know of our thoughts and prayers. You are not alone.

      1. Thank you, Marty! We have talked with someone who loves the Lord- an elder, pertaining to what I’ve heard from the Lord- trying to discern, among other things. So hoping for clarity and are continuing to seek counsel. Thank you for your prayers, counsel and concern.

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