God’s Endless Love: Quinn Graham

We have a modern-day psalmist on our hands:  Quinn Graham, Will Graham’s son and Billy Graham’s great-grandson, has written a special  psalm to share. This one, entitled “God’s Endless Love,” was inspired by a message Quinn recently heard his dad preach. Enjoy this reminder of God’s love…

God’s Endless Love
By: Quinn Graham

God loves us all

No matter what we do He loves us

We murder, steal, fight, and break the Ten Commandments

He still loves us

He never will forget us

He will never stop loving on us

He came down to earth for us

We tortured Him by beating Him up and then hanging Him on a cross to die

Yet, He still said that He loved us even though He was dying on the cross

Three days later He came back from the dead                                        

He came back not in revenge  for what we did to Him

But He came back in love

And His endless love will never end

He will love every single person on earth forever

No matter what we do He loves us.

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6 thoughts on “God’s Endless Love: Quinn Graham”

  1. Wow, how I needed to hear Quinn’s Psalm message today! Quinn, I am so impressed with your wisdom at a young age. God is smiling at you using the gift He gave you of beautiful writing. I love all your Psalms and save every single one. May He bless you and your family richly. Marti S, Colorado

  2. Beautiful Quinn. I have missed your poems, so happy you shared this one with us. Keep writing, God has blessed you with a beautiful gift!

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