Will Graham: God Loves Kenya

By Will Graham

Wil Graham in Kenya June 2013Has God ever laid something on your heart that has motivated you to go out of your way to minister to somebody or to a group of people? You simply have a burden for them that orders your steps and directs your actions?

God has done that in my life, and has given me a special burden for specific areas of the world. One of the countries to which He has directed my heart is Kenya. He has instilled in me a huge desire to preach to the Kenyan people the message of love, hope and peace that only He can bring.

Just yesterday I returned to my office and responsibilities at The Cove after holding a three-day evangelistic “Celebration of Peace” in Kisumu, Kenya, a city in which my grandfather preached some 53 years ago. Our event was held at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground.

This beautiful little patch of field was very humble by American standards, and most days it serves as a sort of thoroughfare, with people crisscrossing it to and from work or the market. But for these three days, that area was holy ground where people repented of their sins and claimed a new life – an everlasting hope – in Christ Jesus.

My friends, Kisumu is a beautiful place, but not an easy place to live. It is largely poverty-stricken, with many people seeking escapes through alcohol or glue sniffing. Children run the streets with no parents. It was one of the main epicenters of post-election violence a few years ago. One of our local volunteers told us that the rest of Kenya views Kisumu as one of the country’s “most evil cities.”

This is not to say that Kisumu is a godless city; not by a long shot. There is an awesome remnant of churches and Christians that are praying for and actively working in their city. It was a huge blessing to our team to have involvement from every Christian church and every bishop in Kisumu for the Celebration.

Kisimu city shot small for webSo we followed God’s calling to Kisumu, and He provided the harvest! Approximately 21,000 people crowded the field over the course of the three days, and when the invitation was given to commit their lives to Christ, more than 1,350 accepted that free gift!

Street boys who spend their young lives getting high and begging for money were found in the middle of the worship, responding to the call. A passerby who hadn’t even heard the message felt suddenly urged to stop and see what was happening, and ultimately gave her life to Christ. The wife of the governor stepped forward to rededicate her life to the Lord.

Wil Graham Celebration in Kenya people praying June 2013 smallFriends, only God can make these changes in people’s lives, and it was clear that He is very much at work in Kenya.

I would ask you to please pray with me for the people of Kisumu, that the seeds that were planted would fall on fertile soil and grow; not on rocky or weedy soil where they will wither and die. There is much hardship in Kisumu and there will continue to be many different temptations vying for the attentions and focus of those who came forward.

 We need to surround them with our prayers, and cry out to the Lord of the harvest that a new generation of believers will grow out of this event, and the city of Kisumu will forever be changed for His glory!

Thank you for your prayers and your support. God bless you!

37 thoughts on “Will Graham: God Loves Kenya”

  1. Thank you,Will, for beeing so faithful to Gods call. I’ praying for you and your whole family.
    May the Lord bless you all!

  2. How can we not forget Ruth Graham who so faithfully live the godly life before her children. How can we not remember and pray for those in Kenya and other parts of the world who have never known about God until Billy, Franklin, and Will were willing to go and spread His word. Thank you Graham family because without your willingness to go into all the world millions would not be saved. In Christ’s love, Betty Carraway

  3. Thank you for writing such a beautiful, concise, informative report. Billy Graham’s work will continue through his grandson. I’m praying for many seeds to have been planted for our Lord. God bless those who were involved in this meeting.

    1. His time is the best time, isn’t it! May God bless you in your ministry with the precious little ones. Blessings!

  4. Thank you, Will, for being faithful to God’s calling. I’m praying for these people and their great need.

  5. Que Deus continua te abençoando por esse chamado tão dificil, porem rico em sabedoria e lição de vida que trara para todos nós . Estarei orando por você e sua familia.
    Deus seja louvado! Que o senhor abençoe a todos!

  6. Same time will was around, evangelist bonkhe was around…i can sense the presence of God taking over this nation

  7. Dear Will, God’s belssings over your life for continuing with the work of your dear grandfather. Bless you for reaching out to those whom society often have lost hope with in terms of reaching out to the lost kids who have very little guidance and hope for their lives and resort to sniffing glue which is a mmeans of survival to keep them on a high, numbeing them from the realities of staying out in the cold and hunger pangs from not eating. You gave some hope. God Bless you for that. May Our Almighty God continue to lead you to many more in our world where all hope has been lost. All a person needs is a chance and hope to survive.

    1. Thank you, Chrislene! We are so thankful that Jesus is our Hope and that He is a God that anyone can have a relationship with. Blessings to you!

  8. I want to continue to pray for Kisumu, Kenya and watch to see what God is and shall be doing there and all over the world. I am so happy many of Billy Graham’s offspring are serving the Lord as lights on a hill. Such exciting times we live in! Amen! God bless you richly, Will!

  9. I read your message and wondered what it would be like to be part of something so fantastic. I started to return to Facebook, then I felt I should send a message thanking you for your faithfulness to God and blessing us by your obedience. Abraham’s obedience led to descendants as numerous as the stars. Perhaps, God is starting a new generation of believers due to your obedience to go where He led you.

  10. Thanks so so much Will for obeying the voice of God and coming over to my home town to bring the good tidings, salvation and deliverance. I was brought up in this city and can testify that every detail in your article is true. It is a city that needs God’s touch in so many ways. I moved out of the city after I lost my gardian to cancer and my sister to AIDs. I have had a burden to pray for the people of Kisumu. Till now, on occasions that I visit the city, I feel deep sorrow seated in my heart, and fear of the unknown grips me.

    I join you to pray for the souls that accepted Jesus and the thousands that heard word that their lives will never remain the same, but that they shall bear much fruit.

    Be blessed.

  11. It was wonderful.
    Will,may Almighty God from His holiness bless the works He has commissioned in you.
    May His spirit be upon you forever.
    Welcome back to Kenya anytime.

    For the people of Kisumu,we pray for more of manifestation of the Holy Ghost that they may be encouraged and have hope in Christ Jesus.

  12. Give and it shall be given unto you. May God replenish you with more grace , power and annointing to reach out to the nations with the gospel of peace, hope and salvation. Blessings to you!

  13. there is time for everything. to scatter and to gather. its time to gather from Kenya with Jesus Christ.
    blessed be you all from this ministry for heeding his voice for our beloved country Kenya.

  14. At 88, I cannot imagine a chance to see the Cove. We are so blessed to have the Billy Graham organization praying and watching over the citizens of America. Please keep up God’s work and help us keep America safe. Thank you so much.

  15. thank you for bringing the Lord in kisumu. Even though i was not present in person, from the documentation i can tell and believe it was a mighty revival for the land. may God’s presence never depart from us and may we not be separated from His presence as well. amen

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