An Easter Message From Will Graham


Perfection. Have you ever seen it? Sure, we may gaze at a snowflake, a flower or a child’s smile and feel that we are looking at perfection. But examine more closely – that snowflake will soon dissolve, the flower is missing a petal, and the child will certainly have his share of misbehavior. The fact of the matter is that in this world, very little is without blemish or defect.

The same can be said of the Old Testament sacrifices. They were not perfect and did not permanently purify anything. They had to be repeated constantly, and they never truly dealt with sin and judgment.

But when we look at the sacrifice of Jesus, the most pivotal moment in history, we witness something that is so perfect that it changes the course of eternity. Let’s visit Hebrews 9:23-28.

First, Jesus’ sacrifice purified everything—in heaven and on earth. Verses 23 and 24 share that not only the “copies of heavenly things” (in other words, the things of man) would be purified, but “the heavenly things themselves.” Christ’s blood had to be over everything, and therefore even the way into heaven must be covered and cleansed with blood as man comes to God. The sacrifice of Jesus – the very reason we celebrate Easter – is what makes it possible for us to enter into heaven. We have been cleansed through the blood of Jesus on the cross, all the way to the heavenly realm.

Second, Jesus’ sacrifice does not need to be repeated. Under the old covenant, the High Priest had to annually make atonement for the sins of the nation on Yom Kippur, year after year. Not true with Jesus’ sacrifice. Verses 25 and 26 explain that there is no longer a need for repeated blood sacrifices, as Jesus “…has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.” He never had to repeat it because it was a perfect sacrifice—the shed blood of a man for men. That is why, as Christians, we don’t have to fear death.

Finally, Jesus’ sacrifice is perfect because it took away judgment. My friends, I’m sorry to break it to you, but – short of Christ’s return – you are going to die someday. Verse 27 says, “And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment.” We will all eventually pass from this world and stand before the Lord. However, thanks to the finished perfect sacrifice of Jesus, He has taken that judgment for those who believe. Verse 28: “so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him.” What an incredible grace that we’ve been given! The debt has been paid!

What is the point of Hebrews 9:23-28? It’s this: Jesus’ sacrifice was so perfect that it purified everything from you and me, to heaven itself; it never had to be repeated, and took away our judgment.

As you enjoy your Easter celebration, please take a moment to pause and appreciate Christ’s perfect sacrifice; the purifying final act that took away judgment for those that call upon His name. What a joy to place our eternal hope in Him!

God bless you!  — Will Graham

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27 thoughts on “An Easter Message From Will Graham”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful Easter message and for all the work you do bring more people to our Lord and Savior. It is blessing to help in a small way to grow our Lord’s kingdom. Thank you again and thanks be to God for His perfect gift of grace through Jesus Christ. Forgiveness.

  2. Thank you so much for your words of hope. Just came back from visiting The Cove and the Graham Library., What wonderful places of faith and inspiration. Beautiful. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Judy! So glad you could make it to The Cove and the Library. We hope to see you again. Bless you.

  3. The Graham family has blessed so, so many people all over the world. And yes, Mr. Billy Graham played baseball with my Uncle Guy, who has already gone home to the LORD. I had 3 girl cousins that belonged to my Uncle Guy and Aunt Betty. Within my immediate family there we 4 siblings. For reasons I believe the Lord had a hand in, I was always sent to stay with them every weekend and on summer vacations. I was closer to them as a family than my own. I did get introduced to Jesus at Vacation Bible School while living with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. My teen age years all the way up until I turn 30 was full of confusion, abuse and turmoil. I was given my 1st Bible by one of my Sisters in 1990. I started cutting my teeth on that NLT with Tyndale’s footnotes for life application. Then I went through a very dark a decade from the age of 40-50 and just could not figure out why or how to deal with the depths of darkness we go through to prepare us to battle in Spiritual Warfare. I will not share the things I saw during that those dark years, but now I understand. Since 2007 Easter weekend, the
    Lord touch me and lifted me up out of the sick bed and darkness. He gave me a boldness and hunger and thirst to devour every single WORD written in His love letter to us all. He taught me how to pray His Word, intercede for others and battle on my knees in prayers after prayers for missionaries, individuals, families, neighbors, my friends and even my foes. I have such an urgency to tell everyone I see, everyday about Jesus! God bless you Will and you were selected by the Lord to be born into a Godly Family and God’s Family. Have a very blessed, joy filled and miraculous Passion Week and Resurrection Weekend. Shalom and Maranatha!

    1. Praise the Lord for his work in your life! We pray you will continue in boldness in sharing the gospel. Bless you!

  4. Certainly enjoyed your points on the ultimate sacrifice, Christ. I plan to be at The Cove April 27th for the concert with David Phelps. We are spending the night also. Can’t wait to see everything.

    1. Judy, we are so glad to hear you’ll be here later this month! We hope you’ll enjoy the concert and the stay. Make sure to take time to stop by the Chapel and Ruth’s Prayer Garden on your way in or out. Bless you!

  5. Thank you Will for a comforting message. The perfect sacrifice of Jesus
    is our eternal hope. He gave himself once for all. We can rest in his amazing grace.
    I hope for another visit from you to FBC, St. Simons.

  6. What a wonderful message! Powerful! Amen! May you all have a blessed Easter and enjoy your time! Thank you!

  7. Thank You for your inspiration and may those who study at Liberty bless the people of America.
    I believe they all benefit.

  8. I appreciate the beautiful message with related scripture for this Easter! As a volunteer Discipleship Coach, on the BGEA – Search For Jesus (SFJ) Team I am able to be further inspired to write and share quoted (referenced) portions of these messages with my assigned students! I am thankful and blessed in this role!

  9. I went to see The Cove with my Girl Friends group. It was such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing God’s word. In Christ name I pray Carol Ann Holmes

  10. Thank you for that. Christ, our perfect love and Savior. I stayed at the Cove while Alistair Begg was speaking in 2015. He is my Pastor and teacher here in Ohio, for twenty years now. My stay was so enjoyable, three days are not nearly enough.

  11. Happy Easter! Thank you so much for going into troubled neighborhoods where ISIS and other Muslim/Islam factions suppress or oppress the mere thought of Christianity.

    Happy Easter!

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