Saturday Snapshot — Hanging Beauty and Our New Parking Lot Greeter

We pray you had a blessed Thanksgiving, friends.  What was one thing you found yourself thanking God for most this year?  Tell us in the comments below.

Our staff worked hard last week getting The Cove set up for Christmas.  We’ll share later, but just take a look at this magnificent piece designed to hang above our dessert table in the dining room!

new Christmas decoration over the dessert table in dining room 2017

And this fine fella was the staff parking lot greeter one afternoon last week.  Look at that bright, shiny coat! Beautiful!

bear in parking lot November 2017

May you feel the Lord’s precious presence today in a mighty way!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot — Hanging Beauty and Our New Parking Lot Greeter”

  1. Beautiful decorations!

    Honestly, the Cove bears, which you post photos of, are so very healthy looking, one might wonder if the saintly and kind-hearted staff of the kitchen are not slipping them a little extra nutrition! : > )

    I’ve been around these kinds of bears all of my life but don’t recall ever seeing any of them this healthy looking! Maybe they can sense the presence of the Lord, just like the people can.

  2. Last Thankgiving we had our son with us, he was ok no medical problems that was serious, this Thanksgiving we lost him to ALS.
    But one thing we are thankful for he is in Heaven with my Mom, Dad, two brothers. In his last painful words, “I want to go home”
    We are so bless to know is is in Heaven, thank you…

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