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Welcome to our Bible Study Community. To participate, please click on the image below. In this community, you’ll find thought-starters from Kendra Graham, plus you will be able to interact with other participants in the comments section of each post. Thanks for joining us!

Kendra Graham


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      1. Hi, Shirley. We are glad to hear you are interested in joining us in our study. There’s nothing to it. Just subscribe to our blog (on the top right hand side of the main page). Every other Tuesday Kendra posts her notes and gives homework for the next study. Feel free to comment and/or share what you have learned. It is a nice, supportive community. God bless you!

  1. I just stumbled on this website. Not sure all the treasures that I have found but I guess I will continue. I you know how I can get in touch with Ruth Graham please let me know . Her book”FearNot tommorow God is already there has been a life saver for me, during this time of my life”

    1. Angela, we glad you are here to study with us. You may want to contact Ruth Graham through her blog: Blessings!

    1. Valerie, welcome to our online Bible study! Jump right in. We post Kendra’s lessons and applications and the homework for the following week every Tuesday. We hope you will join in the conversation! Blessings.

  2. I am so very glad to have found a bible study on line. I have looked for one for a while now. Thank you for being here! I so want to learn more and more about our God. I trust I haven’t missed to many lesssons….
    THank you….Jane

    1. Jane, welcome to our online study! We are glad you are here. We look forward to virtual fellowship and growing in Christ with you! Blessings.

    1. Keep the commandment to love GOD with your whole heart, mind, soul, and strength and stay in the Word, Brother! The indwelling Holy Spirit will guide you. God wants to do something in you and through you. Stand tall, press on.
      Prayers for you in Mumbai.

    1. Hello, Emily. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox shortly. Just click to confirm and you will receive our blog updates, which includes our Bible study. God bless you!

  3. I want and really need an online bible study. How do I become a part of one? I want and need to know that I am really forgiven for everything. I have asked so many times for forgiveness that I don’t think God can keep forgiving me over and over again, before he says, I can’t keep forgiving you if you don’t learn from your mistakes and do things the right way. Please help me, my marriage is on the rocks and I really don’t want to give up on it yet.

    Thank you,

    1. Glad to have you studying with us, Ellen. Just jump in. Kendra posts her Bible study notes every 2 weeks. Be on the lookout for the next post and new homework this coming Tuesday. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you are notified via email of new posts. Blessings to you!

    1. We are glad to have you with us, Patty! We post a new lesson every other Tuesday. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog and watch your inbox for Kendra’s notes and homework. Blessings!

  4. Kendra’s Bible study changed my life last night. God showed up full of conviction power for change toward Him. Awesome!!

    1. Great, Vianna! We’re glad you’ve joined us. Make sure to subscribe to the blog. It’s free, just give your email and you’ll get our posts directly in your inbox. Blessings!

    1. Hi, Sherry! You just subscribe to our blog by giving your email address in the upper left hand corner of the blog. Kendra will post every other Tuesday with her thoughts on the previous week’s homework and give homework for the following week. We’re glad you will be joining in!

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