Bev Shea: 103 and Still Singing!

This week, on Feb. 1, our dear friend George Beverly Shea celebrates his 103rd birthday! He has accomplished so much in his lifetime, ministering alongside Billy Graham since the beginning. Just last year, he was honored with a GRAMMY® for Lifetime Achievement. He is such a friend to the ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and The Cove.  In fact, he donated the organ currently in the Chatlos Memorial Chapel, and he joins us regularly for our Senior Celebration events. And, he’s still singing! Here’s video proof:



George Beverly Shea

In honor of Bev’s birthday, here’s an excerpt we found from his memoir Then Sings My Soul:

One morning not long ago Billy and I were out for a morning walk through the enchanting streets of Lyons, France.

“Billy, how long do you think I’m going to be able to keep up with you?” I asked.

He stopped and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Bev, I didn’t realize I was walking so fast.”

“That’s not what I mean. How long do you think I’m going to be able to keep going in this work?”


“Why Bev,” he answered seriously, “I want you to sing for me all your life.”

“I’d like that,” I told him.

And I would. Singing is my life, and I hope that I can serve the Lord with my voice, in some way, for many years to come. Yet I realize that the day will dawn when it will be better for everyone if I do all my singing “down behind the barn,” where I first sang as a boy. If I feel that God wants me to stop I won’t resist Him for a moment. Not that I think that that time is imminent – for never in my life has God opened as many doors as He has in the past two or three years. Opportunities have come to me that I never expected; I am still awed by the responsibilities He has placed on my shoulders. Yet with the additional challenges, He has given new strength, new insight, new friends, and sustaining old friends.

Please join us in wishing Bev a happy birthday!

11 thoughts on “Bev Shea: 103 and Still Singing!”

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Shea, may God bless you with many more. As a child I would sit at my grandma’s tv and watch the Billy Graham ministry. Later in life I had the pleasure to work in a crusade meeting. Words can’t express my gratitude for the ministry. Billy Graham, Bev Shea and Cliff Burrows and how they influenced me as a early Christian without Christian parents. May God richly bless in this ministry at the Cove

  2. Happy 103rd Birthday Mr. Shea!! May God Bless you! I grew up listening to you singing How Great Thou Art which was my father’s favorite hymn he always felt no one could sing it like you. I find myself watching the Billy Graham Crusades Archives on Saturday night to hear you sing all the old hymns.

  3. Mr Shea,

    So glad you never stopped singing. You are an inspiration. Your life points to Jesus, it always has. I thank God for role models like you and Billy.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr. Shea,
    Your music has been a part of my whole life. As the granddaughter of a Baptist minister, I grew up singing your beautiful hymns in church. When my father passed away in 2005, How Great Thou Art (his favorite song) was played at his funeral. It brings tears to my eyes to hear that beautiful song! Happy 103rd and many more!
    God Bless,

  5. Happy Birthday George Beverly Shea! You are the epitome of “all God”. Thank you,for your life, your witness and your music that you have shared with us for so many generations.
    God Bless you.
    From The Bahamas

  6. We’ve always loved your rich, awesome voice and the spirit in which you sing. Hope you have a grand birthday, with many more to follow. I had a brother, with a voice similar to yours and our parents always encouraged him to use that talent for the Lord. However, he left this world at age 29 to join that great choir in the sky. God bless and keep you always, we still love to hear you sing. You’ve blessed so many!

  7. Happy Birthday and thank you for all the wondrous years that I have listened to you sing—from my youth until now when I am almost 70. What joy you have brought to so many by your faithfulness to your calling. My friend says that “Music is the language of God.” I hope your day is a good one as you reflect on your journey and how much you mean to so many people that the Lord has touched through your songs. You have also given hope and comfort. Thank you, Mr. Shea.

  8. A very Happy Birthday, Mr. Shea…I can hardly believe my ears to hear you singing still! What a blessing you have been down through the years…I remember growing up as a child and hearing you many times on Billy Graham’s meetings..surely God has a wonderful future in store for you when you reach Home! Thank you for being such an inspiration and solid man of God down through the years!

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