A Thanksgiving Message from Will Graham

Blog Title Being Thankful In Dark Days

By Will Graham, Cove Executive Director

As we’re coming up to the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s important to stop for a moment and consider all of the many blessings that we have. It’s easy to do most of the time. We’re thankful for the roof over our heads (unless we don’t have one). We’re thankful for our jobs (unless we’re one of millions who are unemployed). We’re thankful for our families (though many are struggling as they watch a loved one deal with a debilitating or deadly disease).

So, maybe it’s not always so easy to give thanks. Maybe it’s easier to huddle in the corner and look hopelessly on as the world seems to be falling apart all around us. We’re witnessing very serious and troubling conflicts and upheaval on a daily basis.

Things don’t look great at home either. Our chaplains who work in areas that have been impacted by major tragedies (floods, tornadoes and the like) report that up to 70 percent of those to whom they minister were already facing some sort of “storm” in their life prior to the natural disaster.

Truthfully, it may be easier to focus on all the hurt and pain in the world than it is to focus on being thankful. It’s easy to be discouraged. Undoubtedly, many of you are dealing with very deep and personal pain as you read this.

Of course, as Christians we understand that there’s more to the story. My grandfather, Billy Graham – who turned 98-years-old this month – once wrote: “We’re living in a time of spiritual darkness and political upheaval. Only the forward-looking Christian remains sincerely optimistic and joyful, knowing that Christ will win in the end and ‘if we endure, we will also reign with him.’ (2 Timothy 2:12)”

If we can be thankful about only one thing in this world, it’s that we know the One who is in control; the Rock to whom we cling.

That’s what sets us apart, isn’t it? That’s why we can be thankful in a world of turmoil. That’s what gives us encouragement when the never-ending procession of talking heads in the 24-hour news cycle tell us how bad everything is.

And that’s why we need to be sharing this hope at every turn, knowing that everyone else needs it just as badly as we do.

In this dark world, we do have hope, we do have reason to be thankful, and we do have a calling to share that hope with others. Be praying for those you know who need to hear this message, and – when God gives you the opportunity – share it.

And then, my friends, when God answers your prayers and you see a harvest, that’s something to truly be thankful for.

Bless you!

17 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Message from Will Graham”

  1. Thank You, Will for your lovely and bang-on message about Thanksgiving. Your words encouraged me, gave me hope, inspired me and highlighted our like-mindedness due to the blessings of belonging to Jesus as we all, saved and lost, are living in a very dark turmoil-filled world. I trust Holy Trinity continues wrapping His protective hands around your entire Graham family who gives so much good around world. Please extend Happy Thanksgiving from me to every member of your family Will. God Bless you all!

  2. Praying for God’s blessings on the Graham family and all those who serve with you in various ways in the BGEA.
    Thankful for the HOPE we have in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Faye! We pray you will feel God’s peace and comfort during the holidays. We know you miss your dear Bill. Love to you from all of us–your Cove family.

  3. Billy Graham and Franklin Graham, I love you. This is Cathy Mueller; please pray for me and my life; I know you know what I am going through in this culmination of this great experience of my life. God has great plans for me, but I don’t think I like His timing. Please pray that It happens fast. Thank-you , Cathy Mueller.

  4. Thanks for the message and thanks again for this past weekend. What a blessing it was to my husband and me! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! May God continue to bless you all as you continue to serve Him and are a blessing to so many.

  5. Thank you Will for a beautiful message. I have followed your grandfather for many years and love his messages. I am thankful that you are following in his footsteps.
    Many blessings,
    Maryann Wansitler

  6. Pastor Will, when you say, “Undoubtedly, many of you are dealing with very deep and personal pain as you read this,” I know that you have touched countless lives of the people who are reading this.

    Thank you so very much for your Thanksgiving message. We are praying for you and for all of your family. God bless you!

  7. I have been a follower of Dr. Graham’s for many years and now a follower of Franklin and Will. What a blessing you have been to my Family. I have a special prayer request. My Son Jack has ALS and needs a special prayer from the Graham’s Please pray for Spiritual Healing for him, and healing touch, he needs this. God has blessed us so much, he is a believer and he has read nearing home. Thank you. Carol Alderman…..God Bless each one of the Graham’s and their families and the staff….

    1. Carol, we lift prayers for spiritual healing and the Lord’s healing touch on Jack in the name of Jesus Christ. Bless you, sister.

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