A Psalm by Quinn Graham: The Miracles He Does

We have a modern-day psalmist on our hands:  Quinn Graham, Will Graham’s son and Billy Graham’s great-grandson, has written a special  psalm to share. This one, entitled “The Miracles He Does” is a great reminder that God still performs miracles if we just have faith and believe.

The Miracles He Does

Part I

The miracles He does are amazing

Anything can happen when you have God with you         

God can split a sea in half for you to walk across

He can make food fall from the sky

He can make a rock have a stream of water flow out

He can make a giant fall

He can make water into wine

Nothing is impossible when you believe in Him

Part II

Not all miracles are visible

For He can heal the unhealable

Or fix the unfixable

He can change a person’s life completely

He can save a person

God isn’t visible at all

But you can see His effects

And know that He is there

Think about wind and how it is invisible

You see the effects of the wind

And know that the wind is there

Not all things can be seen

You just have to believe that He is there.

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9 thoughts on “A Psalm by Quinn Graham: The Miracles He Does”

  1. As i read your Psalm, i started to think and imagine of those stories, and all that He does for us. I have no words that can describe how grateful and thankful i am for all the things He does for us. We must never forget His faithfulness and how much He loves us. Thank you Quinn for refreshing my mind. God bless you, and Happy New Year

  2. I get the feeling that Quinn not only speaks these words, but that he truly understands the meaning of these words.

    I can only agree with Sara Aguirre, when she thanks Quinn for refreshing her mind, as to the loving nature of God.

    Thank you, Quinn!

  3. Great and helpful, Quinn! Refreshing art, too. Wonderful post.

    The wind portion of your poem reminds me of this verse cited in a calendar for January,

    “He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind, and who reveals his thoughts to mankind… the LORD God Almighty is his name.” Amos 4:13 (NIV)

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