Kendra’s Bible Study…Joshua 9:1-6

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study.  This is a place where women can come together and share their journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity.  We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!


Kendra suggests you use the following process when studying Scripture.  We have included an example of this process from John 1:1.

Step 1:  Pray
Step 2: Read God’s Word (look at the passage)
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  
Step 3: What Does God’s Word Say? (list the facts)
1 In the beginning the Word was with God and was God.
Step 4: What Does God’s Word Mean? (learn the lessons)
1 God‘s Word is not just ancient philosophy, it is eternal Truth.
Step 5: What Does God’s Word Mean to Me? (listen to his voice)
1 How do I view the Bible?

Kendra Graham NOTES from Joshua 9:1-6 

Verses 9:1-2 What does it say:  
When all the kings beyond the Jordan heard of it (Jericho, Ai, the reading of the Law), they gathered together to fight with Joshua and Israel.

Verse 9:1 What does it mean: 
Here, the kings beyond the Jordan hear of what went down, mainly Jericho and Ai…. then they hear that the Israelites have a gathering where basically the “Law of the Land” is read…. and they don’t even have possession of all the land?  Who do they think they are?  Well, this really made the rest of the kings in earshot pretty mad…. so what do they do?  Well, they decide to put aside their differences and come together and fight against Israel.  Hmmmm, this sounds vaguely familiar even today, does it not?  I think it is pretty remarkable that these kings, who surely had their own fighting amongst themselves, decide to unite, against their common enemy. 

Verse 9:1 What does it mean to me:
What would happen if we in our country put aside our differences in the church and united to fight against our common enemy for the glory of God?  What is so important that keeps us at odds with one another?  Baptisms? Praise songs? Order of service? Liturgy? If the enemy can unite, why can’t we?

Verse 9:2 What does it mean:
Those in opposition to God fear what God can do.

After I experience the victory God gives me, the enemy will try to overwhelm me to prevent me from continuing to live in victory

When I live a life of obedience to God I should not be surprised when the enemy notices and sets his sights on me. 

Verse 9:2 What does it mean to me:
Do I realize the reason why the enemy comes together with such fervor to beat me down is because the enemy actually lives in fear of what God can do?

When have I experienced the thrill of victory only to be faced with an enemy who wants to overwhelm me in the next minute?

Am I surprised when I hear the enemy is set on coming against me?

John 15:18  “ If the world hates you, know that it hated Me before it hated you.”

Verses 9:3-5 What does it say:
When Gibeon heard, they acted craftily- took out worn out sacks, wineskins that were torn and mended, worn out and mended sandals, worn out clothes, all the bread in their provision was dry and crumbled.

Verses 9:3-5 What does it mean:
I need to be careful what I see with my eyes is not always the truth.  The enemy is deceptive and crafty.

Verses 9:3-5 What does it mean to me:
Am I naive, quick to believe everything and everyone I see, or am I seeking godly discernment? Proverbs 14:18 “The naive inherit foolishness, but the sensible are crowned with knowledge”  Proverbs 14:15  “The naive believes everything but the sensible man considers his steps.”

Verse 9:6 What does it say:
They went to Joshua at Gilgal and said to Israel, “We have come from a faraway country make a covenant with us.”

Verse 9:6 What does it mean:
I cannot always trust what I hear people say.  It is not always what they do say, but what they don’t say…. “a far away country”…. what country?  Name it.  Those who seek to deceive leave out little facts…. be aware.  Details matter.  Bring what I hear before the LORD and ask Him to sort it out… it is above my pay grade.  People do not always say what they mean and mean what they say.

Verse 9:6 What does it mean to me:
Do I realize the enemy will say the things that I want to hear…  so I will not question it?  Am I really listening to what people are saying and to what they are leaving out? Do I hear what I want to hear so that I won’t have to act and discern? 

*Proverbs 15:5 “For your guilt teaches your mouth, and you choose the language of the crafty.”

Even though others do not say what they mean and mean what they say, will I rise above and have integrity in a world that knows not the meaning of that word?

Homework for next week: Joshua 9: 7-15

Share with us your lesson(s) and applications and what they mean to you. 
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9 thoughts on “Kendra’s Bible Study…Joshua 9:1-6”

  1. Kendra, which version of the Bible do you use? I must say, I am a bit conflicted right now. I have read this passage in the KJV, the NIV, the NASB, and The Message and either my head is way out of sorts this morning or they are not all saying the same thing. Some are saying they came to fight with; others fight against. Please tell me which Bible you use so that I can follow along more faithfully. Thanks!

  2. Hey Steph! I use the NASB. All the kings were coming to beat down Israel. Whether it says fight with or against… they were coming to bring a fight to Josh. They knew they were going down, knew they were next, and thought, hey, maybe if we join forces we just might have a chance. Separately they knew they were no match. They were trying to preserve themselves in any way possible… the Gibioites took another route, if you can’t beat them… join them… even if it is through deceit… maybe… just maybe we could be slaves and live… or we just die… what a choice. They chose the deceitful living route. Desperate people do desperate things at desperate times. What do desperate times squeeze out of me? Truth or deceit… ahhh more application. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks! I have been pondering it, had read what you wrote already, and even discussed it with my former pastor’s wife! I’ve been a busy beaver, huh?☺

    I hope you have a good day, Kendra! Thanks for writing back so quickly. I’ll post my thoughts later. Right now they are just a jumbled mess!

  4. Hey online girls,
    I hope everyone is doing great!
    Stefanie my friend, my head STAYS in a “jumbled up mess” most of the time.(smiles)

    Kendra, thanks for helping us. I really appreciate it!!

    Okay, here goes.

    v.1) All the kings of the “ites” heard about Joshua’s/Israels victories
    v.2) They came together to make war against Israel/Joshua
    v.3,4) The people of Gibeon heard what Joshua had done to Jerico and Ai and they resorted to a ruse. They went as a delegation whose donkeys were loaded with worn-out sacks and old wine skins that were cracked & mended.
    v.5) They dressed up in worn out clothes and carried dry, molded bread.
    v.6) Gibeon went to Joshua and said “We have come from a distant country, make a treaty with us.”

    v.1) When the victory is seen as Gods, the word will spread and bring glory to His name. That increases faith!
    v.2) When we are doing the thing right and obeying God, it stirs up the devil. Fear will make you act irrational and usually attack undeserving people, and in the end bring destruction.
    v.3&4) The enemy will watch us and strategically plot after us. We must stay on our toes by staying in touch with God.
    v.5) Satan will stop at nothing to deceive us, even pull on our heart strings by feeling sorry for someone. (which gets me everytime)
    v.6) We must be very careful and discerning of what we’re being told. Satan might entreat us to act impulsively off of those strong emotions.

    -Am I giving God the glory or stealing it for myself? Am I cooperating with God and letting Him build my faith?
    -Am I equipping myself for battle? Am I fighting the right enemy (and it’s not people!!) Do I take time to realize who is really behind the nonsense going on?!
    -Do I let fear rule me? Do I take these fearful thoughts captive to Christ and let Him pin them to the mat?
    -Am I cleverly observing the enemy, like he is me? Do I glide through on former victories?
    -Simply, do I connect with my LORD daily? Do I do relationship WITH Him or check off another duty done?
    -Do I let Satan use my emotions to sway me to act without thought?

    I pray for all of us, as the body of Christ…that we will all be discerning and wise against Satans schemes.

    You girls ROCK!!
    In His Love, Robin

  5. 1 All the kings beyond the Jordan heard of it

    Good news, as well as bad, travels fast and far. In our high tech world, one can Tweet or put something on Facebook so quickly that often others who we don’t even know are made aware of our business, of our circumstances. This has its good points, such as in starting a prayer chain but it also can have matters we thought were private aired for those who have nothing better to do than to fixate on the lives of others.

    I am guilty of using social networking for entertainment purposes. Am I using it in the right way to uplift or am I doing too much silliness and sometimes putting things on there to cause a reaction, to stir up an emotion, to incite a group?

    2 They gathered to fight with Joshua and Israel.

    Folks will gather together to take you down. They may not have had a personal grudge against you before but the mob mentality can set things in order that cause much personal harm.

    These past few days have had—in my jumbled mind—some unforeseen attacks from my weakest points. Things that are unrelated to one another but when put together seem to pull together to try to take me off guard, to destroy my carefully guarded peace and the personal victories I have already obtained over them. When the world attacks me, is my battle gear still on? What can I do to always be on the lookout, to always be prepared for these silent attacks that come (sometimes) in droves?

    3 The inhabitants of Gibeon heard what Joshua had done

    Others are quick to join the bandwagon (can we say the Treyvon Martin case?). If my enemies gathered together to bring me down, what stories would they share with one another to bring about my demise?

    4 they acted craftily and set out as envoys

    Things that didn’t even belong in this fight were cunningly used to stoke the fire of hatred.

    The nuances that they would suggest, the old things in my closet: why won’t my past let me alone? Why when I have striven so hard to rid myself of my errors, my sins, my failures—why won’t the world forget?

    5 The bread of their provision was dry

    They had gotten away from the truth in order to be a part of the fight that they hadn’t even had a part in.

    Has my bread become dry and crumbled or is my faith one that causes myself to stay nourished? Am I spending enough time in God’s Word and listening to His voice so that I don’t have to rely on old victories to sustain me in today’s time?

    6 They went to Joshua and said “make a covenant with us.”

    They joined together to “be of one accord” when in actuality, they only wanted to destroy.

    Who is trying to deceive me? The devil is so wily. He can make me think “everyone is out to get me” when in actuality it is just him. I am aware of his tricks, his devices, his deceptions. What though must I do to ensure that my mind stays focused on God rather than the false promises that world has to offer?

    Application: as I ponder over these passages and read my responses and then add to them what you others have already written, it makes me wish we were in a small group setting and could give one another more feedback!

    When the world comes at me from different angles but the goal is to attack my heart, to tear down the walls that secure my heart from the lies of the devil, I must be ready. The slightest thing can come out of the blue to hit me where it used to hurt, to make me try to relive those things that caused me such grief. If I allow myself to go back and let that pain and those disappointments resurface then I would have to go back and start a whole new foundation. I don’t want to rebuild. I don’t want to start from scratch. God has already brought me through these trials. A hole in my armor? Oh sure, there is. But maybe some good old duct tape from the Word of God will patch that up and secure my faith again. Meanwhile, the rest of my gear is fine. My “bread” is fresh and new. I’m not foolish enough to think I have it all together and am not capable of falling. But I am sane enough, sure enough of the power of God working in me (Philippians 2:13 for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure) to know that this stumbling stone–these few stones that tried to cause me to stumble this week– have instead increased my faith and assurance that God is with me. He is the one who has me; not the world. My covenant is with Him.☺

  6. Dear God,
    Thank You for this study. Thank You for reminding me that my past doesn’t have to hurt me anymore. Yes, I made mistakes and wasn’t successful, as I had hoped to have been. Yes, if I could do it over there are many things I would change. And yes, I was done wrong by a lot of folks and if I let myself relive those wounds, I will hurt again. But I am choosing not to, Lord. I am choosing to not relive those haunts. I am choosing not to dwell on the things that consumed me and took me away from You. For if I had been in the right place with You, Lord, the outcome would have surely been different. You used these things to make me weaker so that You could be strong in me. Thank You, God. Thank You for those things that brought me down. Thank You for taking the time with me to show me that when I was down so low, that when I finally looked up, You were there and You saved me in so many ways that I didn’t see then. There are still things I do not understand but You know what? I don’t have to. My job is to just keep on believing in the promises that You made to me. Continue to be strong in me, Lord. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    1. Steph, I hear your heart, and your desire to be part of a group, I think of that verse, Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together…” I am praying you find a group, a solid group of women seeking to know God more. God has put that desire in all of us, so I will pray God provides for you in that area specifically. As we handle God’s Word accurately, it is good to be among a group and sharpen and encourage each other face to face in God’s Word. Remember, the Gibeonites did belong in the fight, they knew that God had given Israel THEIR land… so they were in self-preservation mode… kinda if you can’t beat them… join them… you know? They knew they were no match for Israel, they knew God was giving Israel their land… their only hope was that maybe, if they trick them, they might, just might have the opportunity to stay alive… they did set out to deceive Israel, they were no match for the brawn so maybe they could compete with their brain… through deceit. All the other kings in the area joined together to die fighting to keep their land regardless of what God promised His people. Keep pressing on. I am not going to be able to reply to much here for the next couple of weeks,and through the summer but will still post my 3 questions. Seek out a group Steph!

  7. Wow, girls! Sometimes I get a better perspective of myself and what I should be doing by just reading your posts and insights. Kendra, I agree with your thoughts about discernment. We need to be so careful these days. Robin, you said it right! Fear will cause us to do irrational things and I do get sidetracked by feeling sorry for some people only to find out later they were just using me. And Stephanie, wow! What a thought: Has my bread become dry and crumbled or is my faith one that causes myself to stay nourished? Am I spending enough time in God’s Word and listening to His voice so that I don’t have to rely on old victories to sustain me in today’s time? You really made me think! I had a difficult time with this passage so I spent some time discussing what these verses meant with my husband. He had some good thoughts so please don’t think all the things I say are my ideas. I must give him some credit.
    Here are just some thoughts on what I learned:
    Vs. 1-2 News traveled fast about what Joshua & Israel had done to Jericho & Ai. News about our victories will travel fast and the enemy will be close behind plotting his attacks. When you’re living in God’s will, your victory will stand out to your enemies. Your testimony can sway opinion.
    Vs. 3-5 Some people will join churches for the wrong reasons. Don’t expect the benefits of God unless you have the right relationship with Him. The inhabitants of Gibeon were deceiving Joshua & Israel. We have to be on guard.
    v. 6 The inhabitants of Gibeon were expecting a blessing that they didn’t deserve. They were really afraid of the God of Israel because they had seen what God could do.
    v. 7 Israel didn’t take the direct approach and ask if the men came from nearby. Neither were they suspicious of the men’s claims. Israel didn’t inquire of God or pray to Him about what the strangers were asking.
    v. 8 The men from Gibeon were lying & although Joshua questioned them, he didn’t take time to talk it over with his elders & leaders nor did he pray & ask God for wisdom. Seek God first. Ask for wisdom.
    v. 9 The men of Gibeon did speak partial truth claiming the fame of the name of God & what He had done for the children of Israel. Some people will say what they think you want to hear to gain your favor. Partial truths from the Bible can be dangerous. It reminds me of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It should be of no surprise as to what lengths the enemy will go to in using lies, trickery, & deceit to sidetrack us from our focus on God.
    Am I living so that others notice how God is working in my life? What does my testimony say to others? Do I share it often enough for others to know where I stand?
    What do I need to do to get closer to God and in the right relationship to Him?
    How do I approach God? Humbly, or with selfish intentions?

    1. Bible study friends, your comments and insight are really great! We are so happy to see this online community supporting and sharing with each other. Iron sharpening iron! Keep up the good work!

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