Transformation of The Cove Wreath

Fall has arrived at The Cove!

The air is becoming cool and crisp and many of the vibrant green leaves on our trees and shrubs are beginning to transform to beautiful bright reds, yellows, purples, and browns.

Another transformation that takes place at The Cove three to four times per year is the changing out of the decorations on the enormous grapevine wreath that hangs above the Training Center lobby fireplace.

Many have asked how we physically change out the wreath  decorations, how long it takes, and where the design inspiration comes from.

We have put together a short video to answer those questions and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how our Summer wreath was transformed into a Fall wreath.

Click here to watch the video if it is not displaying on your screen.

We’d love to hear from you.  What sort of seasonal transformations take place either inside or outside your home?  Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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What’s Happening at The Cove – November

Coming to the Cove November

Fall  is here and as the leaves begin to change, the magnificent display of God’s beauty is seen in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Come enjoy the coming of the Holiday season with us at The Cove in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

Check out our schedule for the month of November below.  Click one that interests you for more details and to register.

Come and Join Us!

November PSR

Come get away on a self-directed opportunity to experience a private spiritual retreat with the focus of growing your relationship with God.

Click on the link below for November dates or call 1-800-950-2092.

November Personal Spiritual Retreats

November Seminars and Concerts

Click on each of the links below for more information and to register.  You may also call 1-800-950-2092.

SOLD OUT – An Evening at The Cove
with Fernando Ortega, November 2, 2014

Glorious Impossibility: The Sermon on the Mount for Those Who Have Crashed and Burned-
 with Tullian Tchividjian, November 3-5, 2014

Pastors’ Institute: Inexhaustible Grace for the Exhausted Pastor-
 with Tullian Tchividjian, November 6, 2014

Remove the Masks: In Our Weaknesses He is Strong-
 with Steve Brown, November 7-9, 2014

Becoming a Person of Spiritual Influence: Bringing Christ to Bear on the Culture of Your Family, Church, Company and Nation-
 with Henry, Richard & Mike Blackaby, November 10-12, 2014

Women’s Day Away-The Nearness of King Jesus: Our Radically Accessible Savior-
 with Lisa Harper, November 13, 2014

The 7 Churches of Revelation-
 with Joe Stowell, November 14-16, 2014

SeniorSalt Impact Hymn Sing-
Ron Whittemore with David Gaines, November 17, 2014

Christian Blogger Retreat-
 with Jon Acuff  & others, November 17-18, 2014

Living Up to Him: Experiencing the Goodness of God Through the Ten Commandments-
 with Don Wilton & Rob Wilton, November 18-20, 2014

Taking God Seriously: Lessons Learned From the Minor Prophets-
 with Stuart & Jill Briscoe, November 21-23, 2014

cove-fall copy

Glorious Fall colors surround The Chatlos Memorial Chapel at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, NC.

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Cove Bible Verse for Week of September 29th

Here is our staff Scripture memorization for this week.

“I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” ~ Job 42:2, 10

Do you have any verse memorization tips to share?

His Sovereignty Card 39 small

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Saturday Snapshot

This 1,200-acre piece of land we call The Cove is indeed a beautiful place. From the towering hemlocks to the meandering brook bubbling down the mountain, every direction you turn is yet another snapshot of God’s one-of-a-kind creation.

If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest you may have seen some of the Bible verse graphics (shown below) we have created with Cove scenery as the backdrop.

We hope that you enjoy these.  Feel free to use and share.

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God bless you!



Lam 3 22 and 23 JG

Proverbs 3_5-6 small

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Cliff Barrows – Celebrating 25 Years of Ministry at The Cove

Earlier this week we had an amazing time of worship and celebration as we celebrated the goodness of God and the faithfulness of one of His servants, Cliff Barrows.  Mr. Barrows was honored for 25 years of ministry at The Cove.

0039 smThrough laughter and tears, a full auditorium listened as Cliff shared fond memories of his time at The Cove and some of his experiences over the years with the Billy Graham Crusades. Guy Penrod, Tom Bledsoe and Pete Briscoe were all a part of this wonderful celebration.

A special one-of-a-kind bird house replica of Chatlos Memorial Chapel at The Cove (hand-made by Cove employees) was presented to Mr. Barrows and his beautiful wife Ann in recognition of their many years of faithful service. The presentation was made by Will Graham, Executive Director of The Cove and grandson of Billy Graham. Will thanked Mr. Barrows for his ministry and shared his affection for his “Uncle Cliff”.

Cliff later said that he and Ann had decided to place the treasured birdhouse right on their kitchen table where they will be able to enjoy it at all times.

0065 sm

1617 sm
Barry and Jim are the two talented Cove employees who created the beautiful birdhouse.
Chapel Model 033
Barry working on the birdhouse in The Cove woodshop.

Above all of the festivities, it was the Lord Jesus Christ that was given all of the glory that night and the sweet presence of the Lord was surely in that place.

On behalf of all of us here at The Cove, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barrows. Thank you for ushering us into the presence of Jesus all of these years. We look forward to creating more memories in the years to come. We love you very much!

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Kendra’s Bible Study…Nehemiah 5:11-13


Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study. This is a place where we can come together and share in our journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity. We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!

Kendra Graham NOTES from Nehemiah 5:11-13

In this step you need to list the outstanding facts of the passage. DON’T get caught up in the details, just list the facts. Do not paraphrase. Use the actual words of the passage. This is God’s Word, a lot of times this step seems tedious to some, but I urge you, as we read, and say and write God’s Word, it begins to sink deep into our hearts. If you just pick one fact out of the verse, write it down and meditate on it.

Verse 11: Please give them back this day their fields, vineyards, olive groves, houses, 1/100 part of the money, grain, new wine and oil you are exacting from them.

Verse 12: We will give it back, require nothing from them. (b) I called the priests and took an oath from them that they would do according to their promise.

Verse 13: I shook out my garment, “Thus may God shake out every man from his house and possessions who does not fulfill this promise, he be shaken and emptied.” The assembly said “Amen”. (b)They praised the LORD. Then the people did.

Look for a lesson to learn from each fact. What are the people doing that they should be doing? What are the people doing that they shouldn’t be doing?
Is there a command to follow? A promise to claim? A warning to heed? An example to follow?

Verse 11: Nehemiah used the Word of God to speak and convict the people of God in the previous verses. Nehemiah was angry and instead of chewing the people out with some choice words, he consulted with himself, he calmed down and He read the law of the LORD in regards to extracting extra high taxes from the people…. it was against God’s Law. Who cares about what I think and you think, what does God say? God’s Word doesn’t change. Sin is a BIG DEAL in God’s eyes…. so BIG that He was compelled to come and take the penalty for it Himself on the cross. Sin must be dealt with. When the Word of God was read, and the nobles realized their sin in front of a Holy God…. they were broken over it. In this case, conviction doesn’t just lead to saying “I’m Sorry” and all is done and over with, Nehemiah laid it out there, the nobles and rulers must make restitution in this case, and give back what they had unjustly taken from the people, give back what they stole. This reminds me of Zaccheaus in the New Testament, a very similar situation with a tax collector. When He was confronted with his sin in the presence of Jesus, Zaccheaus couldn’t wait to make restitution, 10 fold. The conviction of the Spirit of God, hurts, but is sweet when fellowship is restored. Our actions show the evidence of God’s grace and mercy we received.

Verse 12a: As evidence of a true repentant heart, the nobles and rulers had no arguments about giving back what they had extracted and stolen. A true repentant heart does not need to justify their sinful actions. I love that. To admit you are a sinner, takes tremendous humility.

Verse 12 b &13a: Words vs action. It is one thing to say in front of Nehemiah and the people, yes, yes, we were wrong and to agree to fix it, so the attention will go away, but it is another thing to actually make restitution. I believe here, the nobles and rulers were truly broken over their sin, but it’s one thing about money and things, they are sure hard to give up when the rubber hits the road… truly! We HATE accountability, but personal accountability, no matter how much we hate that people will doubt our word, is so needed. George Washington said “I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” All of us are bent to that sin nature, admit it or not. We need accountability, even the most noble of the noble can fall!

Verse 13b: They praised and they did. True repentance brings such joy in restitution! They praised the LORD with their hearts, the sin being dealt with, then they went and they did what they promised. There is such sweetness in that reunion with the LORD. When the sin is removed we realize what we have been missing in the presence of the LORD. Praise God for personal forgiveness, grace and mercy! The JOY of repentance!

Take the lessons you learned and put them into the form of a personal question that you would ask your spouse, or a friend or your son or daughter.
As you write the questions, listen for God to communicate to you through His Word.
*Do not rush. Do not write things down just to have something on paper, this step takes more time that you may think. This is where Scripture meditation becomes real, this is where you begin to hear that still small voice speak to you, and place His finger in your life and begin to direct your paths…. this day, and the next, and the next. Do you trust Him enough to put into place that which He is moving you to?

Verse 11: When have I been convicted by God’s Word? Is there something today, here and now that has been between me and my Lord? With things right between God and I in the heavenly realm, has God laid on my heart something that needs to be done in the earthly realm? Speaking forgiveness to someone? Accepting forgiveness from someone? Returning something I have stolen whether it be money, things, a reputation…? What has God laid on my heart to do?

Verse 12a: Am I truly repentant, or am I still offering up reasons for justification to a Holy God about my sin and what He is convicting me of? When will I let go of my pride?

Verse 12b & 13a: Do I buck accountability? Who do I have holding me accountable? Do I think that person does that because they refuse to trust me, or has God allowed that person as a safeguard upon my heart?

Verse 13b: Have I been missing that closeness with the LORD because I refuse to make things right? When has that sweet restitution to the LORD brought such joy and thankfulness for the cross?

Today, LORD, convict my heart over Your Word, and give me the strength to make things right, this is only possible through Your supernatural strength and guidance. Prick my heart with Your Word, and prod me to move on it. Thank you for your forgiveness of me, help me to forgive others, and seek that forgiveness and restitution when called for.

Homework: Nehemiah 5:14-16

Get stuck? and Anne will walk through the Three Questions with you and help you along!

The Cove Honors Pastors for Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastors' Institute John Pope 2014

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! 

What better place for the shepherd to hear God’s voice than in the quiet and peaceful mountain setting of The Cove.

We are pleased to invite pastors and their spouses to attend the Pastors’ Institute event at no charge (program and meals). As an additional blessing, the cost of meals and lodging will also be covered for those who would like to arrive a day early to enjoy some extra quiet time with God.

If you are a pastor, we hope you will allow yourself some time to get away and take advantage of this opportunity. 

If you are not a pastor, but your pastor has been a blessing to you, please encourage them to register for this free event. 

Click here for all the details and register by calling 1-800-950-2092.

Note: Pastors must complete a resource application form to register for this event. Applicant must be actively serving in pastoral ministry (this includes those serving in part-time ministry as well as bi-vocational). Resources will cover Pastors’ Institute registration fee for pastor & spouse and lodging and meal costs for optional Come Early (October 15).


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