Cove Spring Highlight: Ruth’s Attic Bookstore


The beauty of the spring season is upon us and a wonderful reminder that our Creator, Almighty God, brings new life to all who seek His face.

With spring in mind and Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8th, 2016) right around the corner, we’re sharing some lovely seasonal products from Ruth’s Attic Bookstore at The Cove.  Whether you purchase in person, or call and have us deliver right to your home, we hope you will find something that will delight you, or be the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

Each of these products are great reminders of how God shows His love, mercy, and grace to us each and every day.

Flower arrangement painting, $145.00
Framed flower arrangement painting, $145.00. Scripture: Numbers 6:24.
Hanging black sheep, $29-$39 (Different styled sheep available).  Wall post, $17.99
Hanging black and white sheep, $29-$39 (Different style sheep available).
Wood and metal wall post, $17.99.
"Clay in The Potter's Hand" mug, $24. Small casserole dish, $26. (Each ceramic piece is hand crafted and uniquely made, colors may vary.)
“Clay in The Potter’s Hand” mug, $24. Small casserole dish, $26. (Each ceramic piece is hand crafted and uniquely made, colors may vary.)
First picture: Bird with cross painting, $28. Scripture: Psalm 37:4. Second picture: HEAVEN, God’s Promise for Me by Anne Graham Lotz, Children’s book $16.99.
Assorted adult coloring books, $9.99.
Assorted adult coloring books, $9.99.
God's Good News by Billy Graham, Children's book $19.99.
God’s Good News by Billy Graham, Children’s book $19.99.
Outdoor wind chimes, $42. (Assorted styles and prices available.)
Outdoor wind chimes, $42. (Assorted styles and prices available.)

To order any of the products seen on this post, you may either purchase on-property at Ruth”s Attic bookstore, by phone at 1-800-950-2092 (menu 3) or by email at

Give the gift with eternal benefits. Cove gift certificates make the perfect gift for your loved ones. To order a gift certificate call 1-800-950-2092.

To see a full list of events at The Cove, click here.

God bless you!

Kendra Graham’s Bible Online Bible Study – Psalm 62:2

Kendra Blog Title

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s Online Bible Study! This is a place where we can come together and share in our journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity. We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!

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Kendra Graham notes from Psalm 62:2: 

“He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be greatly shaken.”

Step 1

THE FACTS:  My stronghold. I shall not be greatly shaken.

Step 2


When I read this verse, the portion that stood out to me was, “My stronghold.” A stronghold is something that has an overwhelming grip in a person’s life. We all have strongholds in our lives, and if asked, we can probably name a few without having to think too hard: shopping, eating, gaming, surfing the internet, exercising, toxic relationships, drugs (illegal and prescription), smoking, alcohol, TV, iPad/iPhone, money, work… one day we wake up and realize that our thoughts, actions and days are obsessed with certain things…. these things have a stronghold on us…. some good, some bad.  It seems to me though, that the bad things seems to reach their tentacles in deeper, farther and faster than the good things.

Here in Psalm 62, David is saying that God is his personal stronghold. David won’t be shaken, because the Eternal God is his refuge, the place he runs to hide…. if you are like me, I tend to run to places like denial or the couch to take a nap and pretend like everything is fine, first, and then I will call a friend or two and tell of the injustice that has come my way and who is to blame. After I am done shaking my fist and raising my voice, I will then come up with a creative solution, instead of patiently and quietly enduring, focused on God’s Word trusting that He’s got this. God and His Word tend NOT to be our stronghold and refuge, but our last resort.

What I also like about this verse is that David says not only is God His stronghold but that, “I shall not be greatly shaken.”  David is not in denial about the fact that he is human, and that there are going to be those moments when you receive that phone call that devastates you, or receive that diagnosis, or have that meeting with your employer that crushes your spirit into a million pieces, or that circumstance that cruelly enters your life without rhyme or reason and literally shakes you and sends your life, heart and mind whirling.  There are things in this life that will shake us to the core and David’s life is not a life of exception to that.  Life events will happen and David will wobble, David will stress, David will be concerned, and I like that.

Sometimes we look at these awesome pillars of faith in the Bible, and we think they are superhuman–we rationalize, “Well, I’m not David… it was easier for David, because he was a man after God’s own heart.”  We give ourselves an out, because God must have been more visible to David than He is to me in the moment.  That is not true.  God was visible to David because David made a choice to make God his stronghold, to make God’s Word the place he ran to first, not last.  David, on purpose, set his heart and his mind to believe regardless of external factors! David repeated to himself in and in his personal journal of thoughts that God is who God claims to be in His Word, and David would tell himself over and over again, saturating himself with #Truth, because being shaken, well that is just a fact of life.  God is his rock and his salvation, not anything or anyone else.

We will be shaken by life.  Where you and I run to matters.  You are not alone.  You have not been set out to dry.  You and I have a place of refuge, a place of safety, a place to run and be protected and that is in the arms of God who loves you and I so much He came personally, in the form of a man, not trusting us to any other, so that He could be our personal stronghold.  Gird yourself on purpose in the strength of God’s Word.

Step 3


How have you been shaken? Where have you run to in order to find solace, peace and strength to face the storm of uncertainty?  What can be described as the stronghold in your life?  Is it the Word of God?


Today…. life is hard…. uncertain…. certain elements are crushing… LORD, be my stronghold. Strengthen me according to Your Word and Your unchanging character.  Help me to deliberately place my trust in You.  Give me a testimony of Your refuge and protection.


What Scripture are you studying now? What have you learned? How has the Lord spoke to you? Share with us in the comments section.

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Saturday Snapshot

Here at The Cove, we begin our days with staff devotions.  Earlier this week, we were blessed to have some of the guys from our grounds and maintenance crew lead us in worship.

Here’s a snippet from that wonderful time of worship.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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2016 Military Marriage Retreats

military marriage hand holding Sept 2015 2 small

We have been blessed to host military marriage retreats at The Cove for the past several years, and one of the best parts is that the retreats are free to these wonderful couples serving our country!

Donors have generously given so that the program, meals, and lodging  for any active-duty service-member (Guard & Reserve too) and their spouse are free.

Couples will enjoy the quiet seclusion of our mountain retreat, complete with winding trails, comfortable rooms, and delicious meals prepared by our chef and his talented team.

Most importantly, they will have plenty of time and space to be alone together with God.

military couple holding hands

See what some of our precious military couples have to say about their time spent here at The Cove:

“Thank you so much for the amazing gift of this military marriage weekend. The military lifestyle is so demanding and often puts a huge stress on many marriages.  This program with this military scholarship is such a huge blessing and it makes us all feel loved and appreciated for the sacrifices we make for this great country.”

“We extend our deepest gratitude, and thank you so very much for your kind heart.  I returned from deployment to Afghanistan in and am so grateful to have had the chance to renew my relationship with the Lord.  We have to tell you this is a great place to come to for serenity and peace in the United States.  Billy Graham’s life, story and relationship with Jesus has truly inspired me and my wife over the weekend.”

“Words cannot express the thankful hearts that my husband David and I have for your generosity! David has recently returned from a 13 month deployment in Afghanistan which was particularly difficult on our family. It was his second deployment in the past four years. The weekend away in the quiet peacefulness of The Cove was exactly what our bruised spirits needed!”

Following are the remaining 2016 Military Marriage Retreats:

Military and Marriage: Back to the Basics
with Michael Easley, May 27-29, 2016
The Book of Romance
with Tommy Nelson, October 28-30, 2016

The Cove also offers financial resources (program, meals and lodging are covered…travel is your responsibility) for couples or individuals to come to anyCove seminar or Personal Spiritual Retreat throughout the year.

Click here to download the military resource form.

Please help us spread the word and share this information with friends, family, and co-workers who could be blessed by this opportunity.

Saturday Snapshot — Singing Unto The Lord

We had some very gifted visitors from Pennsylvania stop by our chapel for a tour last week, and wow! could they sing.  Enjoy the Grove City College Touring Choir here as they lift their voices unto the Lord in praise and worship.

Click here if you cannot view this video in your browser.

We posted another video on our Facebook page.  Head on over there and listen to another worshipful song they performed for us.

We’d love you to stop by and see us!  Click here for hours and directions to the Chatlos Memorial Chapel and Visitors Center at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, NC.  Guided tours are free and open to the public.

God bless you!

Prayer Note: April

We hope that you will enjoy our “prayer note” — an internal communication, here at The Cove, created each month to remind and encourage our staff to pray. We will share these with you at the beginning of each month in hopes that, you too, will be encouraged.

Prayer Note(3)
By Donna Riesen:

“But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly f:or it. In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness…” Romans 8:25-26a

A whiteboard is a marvelous thing. Age notwithstanding, my memory has never been good. This lifelong tendency toward forgetfulness has tripped me up so many times that I’ve taken to using little tricks to help it along. While I know there are great mobile apps for creating reminders and to-do lists, most of my tricks are decidedly old-school, like the small dry-erase board attached to the side of my refrigerator. On any given day it may hold reminders to pick up milk, dish detergent or prescription meds.

For several weeks at the beginning of this year, the top section of the whiteboard held this reminder: “Pray for Miss N.” That prayer prompt helped us to remember to pray daily for a senior adult friend from our church who was making the transition from independent living to an assisted living facility. We, along with many others, prayed often for our friend, asking God for healing and ease of transition; yet not long after she was moved to her new residence, N’s fragile health worsened, resulting in hospitalization and death.

It’s important to remember that God is faithful all the time.

Even in the midst of the loss, there were reasons to praise God for answered prayer. Her suffering did not linger for a long period, and our friend was not alone as she transitioned from this life into the presence of Christ.

After the funeral of a Christian, we can rejoice in the fact that we will see them again one day in heaven, yet it can still be hard to go through the process of erasing their name from our prayer list. After the name is removed, the memory remains and the list continues to grow. There are so many needs around us, the list need never remain empty. We simply need to ask God to help us fill in the blanks.

How blessed we are to serve an omnipotent (all-powerful) God who is not dependent upon our faulty memories or hastily scribbled whiteboard notes. When we accept His gift of salvation we are not only forgiven, we are adopted into His family. As His beloved children we can come to Him at any time and pour out our heart to Him. Because His Holy Spirit dwells within us, we can trust Him to lead and guide our thoughts as we pray.

God’s Holy Spirit is greater and more powerful than any whiteboard, sticky note or mobile app, and I pray He will make us more and more sensitive to His quiet promptings, trusting Him to show us as how we should pray.

“But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it. In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.” (Romans 8:25-27)

I hope you’ll prayerfully review The Cove’s April schedule, trusting the Holy Spirit to lead you. God desires for us to come to Him with our needs, and we can trust Him to answer as we pray, guided by His Spirit in alignment with His will.


Join us in praying for the following events in April:

All seminars in 2016 are free (lodging and meal fees apply.)
(For more information or to register, click on the links below.)

Unwavering Faith in an Unraveling World
with Ron Hutchcraft — April 1-3

Pastors’ Institute: Jonah on the Run
with Jerry Vines — April 12-13

Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted
with Jonathan Falwell — April 18-20

An Evening at The Cove
with Jason Crabb — April 24

Leadership Renewal Retreat for Youth Pastors:
Engaging the Next Generation
with Sean McDowell & Alex McFarland — April 25-27

Thank you for praying!


Kendra Graham’s Bible Online Bible Study – Psalm 62:1

Kendra Blog Title

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s Online Bible Study! This is a place where we can come together and share in our journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity. We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!

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Kendra Graham notes from Psalm 62:1: 

“My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation.” Psalm 62:1

Step 1

THE FACTS:  My soul waits in silence for God only. From Him, my salvation.

Step 2


When I get in a jam, when I’m being pushed down, when I’m being threatened, what do I do?  I get creative.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I will fuss, and squirm and complain to almost all of my friends; you see, I am a verbal processor, so as I’m fussing and complaining, I’m coming up with a battle plan to alleviate the pain and the hurt  by manipulating the circumstance and “fixing” things as fast humanly possible…. and there it is…. “as fast a humanly possible”.

David, in this psalm (62:1) is hurting and needing rescuing from God.  In the meantime…. while David is hurting, fretting, freaking out and doubting, he will assure himself with the character of God…. verbally processing who God is… not who his enemy is, not what his enemy has done, not what his enemy deserves from him in retaliation, not a bunch of other people’s opinions about how he should handle the situation, but David, on purpose, places his trust and his focus on who God is and who David is to God. How hard is that?!  While David is waiting for God to answer, David will wait in silence. In silence…. that really does not describe me. Maybe it describes you.  It describes what David is making himself do. By waiting in silence, David is physically placing his confidence in God.  David is “on purpose” enduring, persevering and trusting God with absolute certainty that God will answer and God will come through because it is who God is.  David is refusing to accept anyone else’s arms or charms to save him, because he knows that while it may have immediate benefits, in the end, all others give a false hope that will eventually leave him to a place of delusion, worse than before.  David has a quiet confidence in God and God alone.

Quiet confidence?  No lashing out in retaliation?  Being assured that God will save me?

Many of us are more faithful to our ideas about God, who He is and what His salvation for us and our particular situations look like. We know how, what, when, where and to what extent we need God to intervene, and if God does not intervene in the correct way according to us, then we have the right to be mad, angry and disavow Him and His character.  We love to raise our dust fists to God and tell Him how He failed on our behalf.  We don’t want any part of persevering, enduring, waiting and in the meantime we especially don’t want to be silent!  We like the idea of God’s faithful character…. but in reality… we are more faithful to our own ideas about who God should be in our opinion, rather than who He truly is.

What a great lesson we can learn here from David…. David mentally clears his head and his heart about what he feels and thinks about the situation and he becomes deliberate on committing his thoughts and heart to dwelling on the TRUTH according to God’s Word, not the “truth” according to himself.

It’s time to get into God’s Word and see who God says He is, and then, on purpose, actually believe Him!

Step 3


What current situation in your life are you tempted to take into your own hands because God is not working for you,  or defending you, or making things happen the way you want or think you need?  Can it be said of you that your dependence is upon God?  If we were never put in situations to doubt God would come through, then we would never have to “on purpose” rest in His character, so when was a time that God did come through, not in the time or way you thought, but you ended up seeing Him and learning more about who He is and who you are to Him than you could ever imagine?  (Would you consider sharing it here, or with someone in your life to encourage them?)



LORD, today, give me the confidence I need to trust in You. I am always so tempted to fix things myself, or make things happen, even in areas I have absolutely no control over.  Help me to wait for You and You alone, in silence.  Today, bring to my mind those times where You sought me and delivered me.  Help me not to forget the goodness of my God.


What Scripture are you studying now? What have you learned? How has the Lord spoke to you? Share with us in the comments section.

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