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Saturday Snapshot

College-age students from as far away as California attended an apologetics seminar last weekend, led by Sean McDowell, in which they learned about the truth and evidence behind Christianity.

Many of those in attendance are currently in college, or college is in their near future, so this time of digging into God’s Word and understanding why they believe what they believe was very helpful as they head off to school in the Fall.

Not only did the participants enjoy solid Biblical teaching, but they enjoyed fellowship with one another and lots of good food!

Following are a few pictures to give you a glimpse of their time here.

Sean McDowell small
Sean McDowell teaching on how to defend your faith in college.
There was no shortage of food over the weekend and the desserts were divine!
fellowship with the girls
Charades and board games during free time.
girls walking to the overlook small
A perfect day for a hike to the overlook.
view from the overlook July 2015
Every step up the mountain was worth this spectacular view.

Click here to see a current schedule of seminars at The Cove.

Happy Independence Day!


By Donna Riesen:

If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”(II Chronicles 7:14, NKJV)

Lord, we come to You on behalf of America and on behalf of The Cove. We come in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Who took on the form of humanity, lived a sinless life and died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. We come in a spirit of gratitude for what You have given. We come in a spirit of neediness for what we lack. Grant us the gift of repentant, humble hearts and trusting, faith-filled prayers.

As U.S. citizens we have enjoyed the blessings of tremendous freedom, but we have turned so many of these blessings into idols that have replaced You in our hearts. As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, we praise You for the freedoms we enjoy, but in dependence upon You we ask You to turn us from these idols of our own making. Grant us to know Your truth, for that alone will truly set us free from these idols of sin to which we have become enslaved:

FREEDOM OF SPEECH has been replaced with the idols of selfishness, bitterness and cruelty. May You continue to grant us as citizens the legal rights to speak our conscience fearlessly, to declare the truth of Your Word boldly, and to share our faith with others with gentleness, compassion and sincere love. May we never abuse this freedom by speaking with bitterness, cruelty or deception. After seeking Your face for courage and searching Your Word for wisdom, help us to speak the truth in love. Bless the words that are spoken at The Cove, whether from the Auditorium stage or on a telephone in a cubicle. May all our speech be honest and kind, seasoned with salt and glorifying to You.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION has given way to the lifeless, unmoving idols of apathy, shallowness and unbelief. May we never take for granted the great privilege of public worship. May Your church be unified in its mission of spreading Your truth and united in its purpose of glorifying Your Name. Lord, please convict us of sin, cleanse us with Your blood, and embolden us with the courage to smash our man-made idols of self-righteousness and dead religion. May The Cove’s mission of training people in God’s Word to win others to Christ be carried out with faithfulness, and may it never become an illicit or illegal activity in this country. We pray that we will remain free to carry out this mission without hindrance, but we also ask You to grant us the courage and commitment to stand faithfully for You regardless of the cost.

FREEDOM FROM FEAR has turned us to embrace to the cold, unseeing idols of detachment, disinterest and indifference. Lord, help us to pray faithfully for our military as they sacrificially place their lives on the line to preserve our freedom, but help us also to understand that no military branch, political party or system of defense will protect us from harm. You are our refuge and strength, Lord. Help us to rest peacefully in that truth. May Your peace and protection rest upon the property of The Cove. May You continue to make it a place where people will come to find respite and relief from the daily stresses and anxieties of life. May they return to their homes free from fear and full of faith.

FREEDOM FROM WANT has led us to worship at the altars of materialism, gluttony, greed and excess. We are foodies who post selfies of our super-sized platters and over-priced plates. We are insatiable consumers who have consumed our way into self-indulgence and selfishness. Thank You for the prosperity you have bestowed upon this nation. Forgive us for our ingratitude, selfishness and poor stewardship of our land, our finances and our blessings. Make us a more grateful, generous and wise people. Thank You for blessing The Cove. Help us to be good stewards of the spiritual, financial and environmental resources You have given to us here, and may we always follow Your leading in sharing them with others and making them available to those who are in need.

Lord, it is for freedom that You have set us free. By Your grace and mercy, help us to live in that freedom.


Happy Independence Day from all of us at The Cove!


Saturday Snapshot

“As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1

It is so wonderful to see all the deer on our property this time of year.  This week we’ve had a mama and her fawn that greeted some of our staff right outside their office windows.  The others (four of them, but could only get three in the picture!) were caught crossing the road early one morning.

Doe and fawn outside admin June 2015
Doe and her fawn outside a staff members window.
four deer crossing road June 2015

The video below was filmed almost exactly two years ago in our staff parking lot, but we wanted to share with you today because you don’t get to see this type of footage very often.  Enjoy!

Click here to view the video if it does not show up in your browser.

Join Stormie Omartian at The Cove for a Two Day Women’s Retreat


Ladies, join us for a special two-day retreat here in Asheville at The Cove with Bible teacher and award-winning author, Stormie Omartian.

Stormie will break down these three simple choices that you can make to alter the course of your life:

  1. Receive His love for us.
  2. Express our wholehearted love for Him.
  3. Love others.

When you make these simple choices each day, you will see how God can transform your life and the lives of those around you forever.

Grab a friend, neighbor, sister, daughter, or maybe even your whole Sunday school class and join us July 31-August 1, 2015 for this special opportunity to step away from the daily distractions of life and dig into God’s word with other women who have hearts to love God more and make an impact in their circle of influence.

As an additional blessing, singer, songwriter, and author Gwen Smith will be leading worship during the retreat.

Click here to register or call 1-800-950-2092.

If you’d like to extend your stay a bit and enjoy some rest and refreshment before the seminar begins, request the Come Early option.